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    2015 Talent Shortage Survey

    Talent ShortagePublished by TManpower Group, 2015

    ManpowerGroup surveyed more than 41,700 hiring managers in 42 countries to identify the proportion of employers having difficulty filling positions, which jobs are difficult to fill and why. Employers were also asked about the impact that talent shortages have on their organizations and what steps they are taking to address them.

    • Skilled Trades positions are the jobs that employers globally have the greatest difficulty filling for the fourth consecutive year.
    • Among employers who feel that talent shortages are impacting their ability to meet client needs, the most likely consequences are expected to be a reduction in ability to serve clients and reduced competitiveness/productivity.
    • One in four employers says talent shortages can lead to higher compensation costs.
    • Over a third of employers say the lack of candidates with the required technical competencies is why they can't fill jobs. The technical competencies employers are seeking include candidates who have industry-specific professional qualifications and those with industry-specific skilled trades certifications.

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