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    Absenteeism and Turnover

    Absenteeism and Turnover CoverPublished by The Business Roundtable, 1982

    Productivity in construction frequently suffers as a result of high levels of absenteeism and worker turnover. This study examines the source and size of the problem and makes recommendations to reduce it.

    Reasons for absenteeism and turnover fall into two broad categories:

    1. Controllable

    • Relationship with the boss
    • Unsafe working conditions
    • Excessive rework
    • Poor craft supervision
    • Poor overall management
    • Poor planning
    • Excessive surveillance by owner
    • Inadequate tools and equipment

    2. Uncontrollable

    • Travel distance from residence to the job
    • Overtime availability on another job
    • Personal and family illness

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    Categories: Productivity