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    An Analysis of Multiskilled Labor Strategies in Construction

    An Analysis of Multi-skilled Labor Strategies in ConstructionPublished by Construction Industry Institute, 1998

    The scope of this study includes a detailed project analysis of a domestic, grass-roots, open-shop industrial construction project and the exploration of currently used multiskilling applications in construction. Benefits of multiskilled labor utilization were demonstrated with regard to total project labor cost, employment opportunities for construction craft workers and other industry labor issues.

    Key Findings:

    • Multiskilled labor utilization strategies can provide significant project benefits, including an estimated five percent total project labor cost savings and a 35 percent reduction in required project workforce.
    • Multiskilling can provide significant work benefits, including increased employment duration leading to more stable and constant annual employment and increased wage/annual earning potential.
    • Multiskilling strategies increase the favorability of new craft entrants and better utilize existing workers.
    • Project and company systems must change to support mutliskilling as a competitive strategy.
    • A total project labor cost model was developed that can be used to evaluate the potential benefits of alternative multiskilling strategies.

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    Categories: Productivity