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    Attracting and Maintaining A Skilled Construction Workforce

    Attracting and Maintaining A Skilled Construction WorkforcePublished by Construction Industry Institute, 2000

    This research paper reveals techniques to attract and retain qualified workers in the construction industry, as well as ways owners and contractors can save money and provide a better environment for workers.

    The key activities to attract employees were:

    • Recruit at trade schools, high schools and community colleges
    • Pursue reduction in force (RIF) employees to keep them working
    • Work with other contractors for hiring
    • Recruit outside of project locations
    • Have formal written and performance tests as a mechanism to hire qualified workers

    The key activities to retain workers were:

    • Conduct a needs assessment to train workers on a continuous basis
    • Conduct supervisory human relations training
    • Tie documented wage progression to skills
    • Give long-term preferential treatment to tenured employees
    • Inform employees of project progression
    • Emphasize the community side of construction

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    Categories: Workforce Development