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    Closing America's Skills Gap

    Closing America's Skills Gap CoverThe Business Roundtable, 2014

    A new vision is needed to close the skills gap, enhance education and training opportunities for America’s workers and return our economy to its full promise. This paper outlines such a vision and presents a distinct set of activities that the Business Roundtable is undertaking to address this issue.

    Business Roundtable launched five key projects to begin implementing its vision:

    • The Higher State Standards Partnership focuses on raising education standards and advocating the use of aligned
      assessments to ensure that all students are prepared.
    • The Business Roundtable Education Philanthropy Initiative uses corporate philanthropy to scale up high-performing K–12 programs throughout the country.
    • The National Higher Education and Workforce Initiative works with government and education institutions to increase the number of individuals who have the postsecondary education and training needed to fill high-skill, high-demand jobs.
    • The National Network of Business and Industry Associations Matching Skills with Jobs is defining workplace skills,
      improving the utility of industry certifications, expanding work-based learning and developing practices in competency-based hiring.
    • The State Talent Supply and Demand Ecosystem models the alignment of workforce needs in a state with the education and training available and examine policies that support workforce training.

    To view the full report, click here.

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