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    Construction Labor: Craft Employee Training Evaluation Tool

    Construction Labor: Craft Employee Training Evaluation ToolPublished by Construction Users Roundtable, 2006

    The Craft Employee Training Evaluation Tool is an aid to help owners differentiate contractor craft employee training programs and provide a set of objective measures to quantify what traditionally has been a subjective analysis.

    Key Findings:

    • Owners who source construction services from contractors with effective craft employee training programs experience better results than those that do not require training and skill certification.
    • As owners establish effective contractor craft employee training program prequalification criteria, more and more contractors will establish training programs to comply with owner requirements. This will help build and develop the construction workforce to the benefit of the entire industry, including labor, contractors and owners.
    • This report led to the development of the Contractors Workforce Development Assessment created by NCCER and the Construction Users Roundtable.

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    Categories: Workforce Development