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    Construction Workforce: Building Comprehensive Labor Market Information

    Construction Workforce: Building Comprehensive Labor Market Information CoverPublished by Construction Users Roundtable, 2009

    This document focuses on how the Construction Users Roundtable leveraged forecasting technology for project planning and developing targeted labor supply solutions. The report highlights the importance and use of regional networks comprising industry stakeholders to help build a comprehensive craft labor market information system.

    The craft labor forecast system provides:

    • Reliable measures of future activity, training needs and demographics of the industry and for specific crafts
    • Timely data to assist construction owners with project and shutdown planning

    Craft labor forecasts provide industry-specific data about:

    • Crafts in demand within the construction sector
    • The nature of this demand
    • The supply of craft labor that is currently employed, which crafts are being hired and the confidence level for finding and training those workers
    • Trends in the industry

    Regionally, the craft labor forecast data can:

    • Provide an overview of economic activity in the area  
    • Forecast local and regional labor demand and identify excess labor resources that can be utilized in regions experiencing labor shortages

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