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Celebrate 2015 CTE Month - classroom and instructor answering questions

2017 CTE Month

NCCER and Build Your Future (BYF) are proud to celebrate Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month with the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE). CTE Month celebrates the extraordinary achievements and contributions of CTE programs, which prepare students for careers in today's economy. Join us this February in celebrating the extraordinary achievements and contributions of CTE educators.

Construction Career Pathways Initiative

NCCER's Construction Career Pathways Initiative aims to link industry, education and students with careers by highlighting pockets of success and best practices and by providing practical resources to help educate and drive collaboration.

Connection Map 

NCCER's connection map was created to help connect construction industry members and CTE educators. The map originated from survey responses at NCCER's 2014 Construction Career Pathways Conference and provides resources needed to make meaningful education-to-industry connections in local areas.

Guidance Documents

Read the Best Practice Profiles and How To Collaborate documents distributed at the 2016 Construction Career Pathways Conference.

This week's featured video:

What if: American Dream

What if the idea of the American Dream is still alive and well? In today's America, it is not enough to dream about the future, you have to build it. Find out more at


Other CTE Month Videos

NCCER and BYF offer the following videos to promote careers in construction:

  • "What If?" is a three-part video series with 90-second commercials established to create an emotional connection with the industry.
  • "Inside the Hard Hat" features four videos with footage and information from some of the most exciting construction careers.  
  • "How to Start a Career in Construction" details the steps to take for those interested in working in construction.  

Read About CTE Month on Breaking Ground: The NCCER Blog

BYF CTE Month Event Resources

Visit the BYF website for more resources that support CTE and recruitment for high-demand, high-wage careers in construction. 

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