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    Determinants of Josbite Productivity

    Determinants of Josbite Productivity CoverPublished by Construction Industry Institute, 2001

    This study evaluates the effectiveness of strategies used to improve labor productivity on construction projects. Specifically, it investigages the impacts early design, early material delivery and extra construction equipment have on craft productivity.

    Key Findings:

    • Additional piping production related resources, whether materials, designs or construction equipment, resulted in improved piping craft productivity.
    • Increased resource availability for piping work produced not only better productivity, but also more predictable and stable crew performance.
    • Additional electrical production resources did not generally improve electrical craft productivity.
    • Likewise, increases in electrical production resources did not stabilize crew productivity as with piping activities.
    • For both piping and electrical activities, increased levels of planning and crew support resources led to consistent and significant improvements in craft productivity.
    • The cost of providing design, material and equipment buffers is higher than the labor savings they enable.
    • Small buffer projects reduce waste in projects by decreasing project schedules and material storage (time, size, waste and staffing).
    • Increased planning support (production management) costs less than the savings they enable.

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