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    2014 Labor Risk Mitigation Summit

    Date: 11/11/2014 - 11/12/2014 | Time: 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

    Location: Houston, TX

    Several years after construction’s precipitous downturn, hopeful signs of a national recovery are being tempered by an equally ominous threat: widespread labor shortages. According to a host of projection and news sources, a gap exists between the upcoming demand for labor and the number of available workers with the skills needed to fill those slots. After all, construction lost more jobs than any other sector during the Great Recession. It’s likely that many former workers, facing the loss of wages and benefits, have opted for new careers and won’t be coming back.

    So again, the construction industry is facing a serious shortage of skilled workers. In some areas, projects are already competing for limited resources. There are multiple layers to the issue: Workers who left the industry during the recession, increased labor demands from new oil & gas projects, increased U.S. manufacturing construction, and baby boomer retirements. Given this complexity, the labor shortage can be expected to impact on all projects in all areas over the next few years.

    In 2007, CURT owners experienced significant cost increases and longer schedules because of the workforce shortage. At that time, many of the issues were not expected and caused significant budget misses, startup delays and productivity challenges. Since then, CURT has been working on solutions to help you effectively plan and execute a project with certainty when you expect to have skilled workforce issues. The objective is to be predictable and in control.

    Many Construction Users Roundtable (CURT) members are developing new approaches to their projects for mitigating risks and gaining control. In addition, the CURT Handoffs to Construction and Workforce Development Committees have been collaborating throughout 2014 on ways to successfully mitigate labor risk. Numerous roundtables and meetings have resulted in an array of mitigation strategies and a white paper outlining those strategies. This paper shores up CURT’s current thinking on the best ways owners and contractors can mitigate labor shortages and keep projects well-staffed and on-time in this new economic reality. The paper incorporates input from owners and contractors who have shared their approaches to this issue, what they have learned so far and what they are planning for the future.

    This identification of the risk mitigation options is a dynamic effort and will be followed by deeper dives into the issue. In particular, this work is culminating in 2014 with a Labor Risk Mitigation Summit in Houston, Texas (details below) and you are invited to attend.

    Why should I attend?

    • You will receive a copy of the Labor Risk Mitigation white paper.
    • We’ll address how to mitigate project labor risk in a labor shortage environment
    • We'll address what you can do to minimize the impact of expected labor shortages
    • We'll identify the tools and options available to under labor gaps early enough to prepare
    • You can collaborate with the owners and contractors who have contributed to this effort as well as numerous other industry leaders.
    • We’ll will work together on a solution.

    Register and learn more on the CURT website.

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