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    Government Limitations on Training Innovations

    Government Limitations on Training Innovations CoverPublished by The Business Roundtable, 1982

    This report examines how certain regulations affect craft training and therefore recommends changes to make construction training more cost effective. Too few individuals understand how the Department of Labor seriously impedes the use of modern skill training methods in construction.

    Key Findings:

    • The nation's apprenticeship system is not sufficiently flexible to accommodate the highly volatile manpower demands and training needs of local construction markets.
    • The Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training and State Apprenticeship Councils’ policy of approving only traditional apprenticeship programs is outdated and not in keeping with the needs of the industry. It favors inefficient training, inhibits training innovations and restricts training in the open shop sector.
    • It is incumbent on the construction industry to develop and support training systems that will provide an adequate supply of qualified workers in the most expeditious and economical manner.

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