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    NCCER Partners with GSSC to Develop Maritime Training Programs

    For Immediate Release

    Alachua, Fla. – NCCER is proud to announce its partnership with the Gulf States Shipbuilders Consortium (GSSC) to develop jointly endorsed maritime construction and repair curriculum and assessments.  The long-term goal of the partnership is to create an industry recognized credential for maritime crafts and to utilize the expertise of both organizations to develop and deliver comprehensive training for the maritime industry.

    “If our industry can agree on a standard set of criteria, we have the ability to sustain the right kind of training programs that feed our entry-level positions. Working together to set standards will help us all to optimize our recruiting and training investments and, in turn, help make us more competitive in an ever more challenging marketplace,” said Irwin F. Edenzon, President of Ingalls Shipbuilding.

    Additionally, on March 28, 2012, the National Maritime Education Council (NMEC) was formed to promote industry involvement in the development, coordination and funding of the initiative.  NMEC, through its Lighthouse Campaign, is working to raise awareness of the need for standardized training, and to raise funds to develop a system for that standardized maritime training curriculum and associated skill assessments.  Information about the Lighthouse Campaign and the mission of the NMEC can be found at its website:

    “NCCER is excited to be working with GSSC and  NMEC to enhance the competency of the maritime industry workforce,” said NCCER President Don Whyte.  “The importance of working with industry partners like these in advancing our vision of a skilled craft professional with portable credentials cannot be overstated.”

    Through this partnership, NCCER, GSSC and the NMEC will work together to develop an Introduction to the Maritime Industry module, a three-level Marine Shipfitting program, a four-level Marine Pipefitting program, and a four-level Marine Electrical program.  Additional crafts will be added later.

    “The National Maritime Education Council is extremely pleased to be partnering with NCCER.  Our focus is on establishing a steady stream of trained professionals for the maritime industry and this partnership with NCCER and GSSC is a large step down that path.  NCCER’s proven track record in curriculum development, craft training and assessment and their network of training facilities provide tremendous leverage for this effort going forward,” said John Lotshaw, Chairman of the NMEC.

    About NCCER — NCCER is a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) education foundation created by the construction industry to develop standardized curriculum with portable credentials and to help address the skilled construction workforce shortage. NCCER is recognized by the industry as the training, assessment, certification, and career development standard for the construction and maintenance craft professional. For more information, visit or contact NCCER customer service at 888.622.3720.

    About NMEC – The National Maritime Education Council (NMEC) was formed by Industry in cooperation with the Gulf States Shipbuilders Consortium and NCCER in 2012. The NMEC was founded by concerned companies looking for a better way to provide a pipeline of skilled workers to the Maritime Industry and to promote the opportunities in the industry to the public and the various training facilities that supply industry with skilled workers.

    About GSSC – The Gulf States Shipbuilders Consortium (GSSC) was formed in 2006 to provide a forum for interaction among the shipbuilding industry in the Gulf States, to expand the number of technically skilled workers in the region, to share best practices among its members, and to provide information on issues and trends affecting the shipbuilding industry.

    About the Lighthouse Campaign – The mission of the campaign is to fund the development of and establish a foundation for a formal workforce development system for the maritime industry by developing standardized curriculum beginning with three crafts – Welding, Pipefitting and Electrical and Maritime Core Curriculum; and to establish a means to sustain and expand the system to include all shipbuilding and repair production crafts.  Visit or contact Dr. Audrey Bandy at 205.943.4737 to find out more about the campaign.

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