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Pipeline Certification

NCCER’s Pipeline Training and Assessment Program (PTAP) was developed in partnership with the pipeline industry. It consists of pipeline curriculum and pipeline skill assessments to qualify pipeline personnel under the Department of Transportation's regulation for Pipeline Operator Qualification, CFR Part 192 for gas and CFR Part 195 for liquid.


The PTAP offers written assessments and performance verifications that are directly linked to covered tasks. The PTAP curricula, through individual modules, also offer written examinations and performance tests that are linked directly to covered tasks. Operators and pipeline contractors can determine which methods they will recognize and how those methods will be used in verifying the qualification of their workers. NCCER pipeline curriculum and assessments are accepted by the leading owner clients in the oil and gas industry.


When an NCCER pipeline assessment is taken, it is entered into the NCCER National Registry and then automatically sent to ISNetworld within 24-48 hours. ISNetworld is an online contractor/supplier management database that is used by owner clients to evaluate their contractor/supplier’s information to meet internal and governmental requirements. ISNetworld’s Review and Verification Services (RAVS) validates this information. Additionally, Contractor/Suppliers use the system to manage training and record keeping requirements.