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    Recruiting and Retaining Future Engineering and Construction Leaders

    Recruiting and Retaining Future Engineering and Construction Leaders CoverPublished by Construction Industry Institute, 2004

    This report summarizes attracting, recruiting and retaining engineering and construction leaders. The industry would should take note of the examples set by others, such as the healthcare and information technology industries, to remove some of the key barriers that are causing young, talented professionals to look away from construction as a lifelong career.

    Compensation was the most important retention factor for experienced employees and was also extremely important for attracting students. A competitive base salary, however, only gets the employer in the game. To attract talented future leaders, engineering and construction organizations must include the following in employment packages:

    • Defined bonus, profit sharing, stock options or employee ownership programs
    • A range of company provided or assisted insurance benefits
    • Solid retirement plans
    • Vacation and sick pay
    • Flexible options and choice

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    Categories: Workforce Development