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    Scheduled Overtime Effect on Construction Projects

    Scheduled Overtime Effect on Construction ProjectsPublished by The Business Roundtable, 1980

    This paper reviews an analysis of the impact of scheduled overtime operation on construction projects and the inflationary effects of such operations.

    Key Findings:

    • Placing field construction operations of a project on a scheduled overtime basis disrupts the economy of the affected area, magnifies any apparent labor shortage, reduces labor productivity and creates excessive inflation of construction labor costs without material benefit to the completion schedule.
    • Where a work schedule of 60 or more hours per week is continued longer than about two months, the cumulative effect of decreased productivity will cause a delay in the completion date beyond that which could have been realized with the same crew size on a 40-hour week.
    • Where overtime operations are deemed necessary despite productivity losses, proper management can minimize the inflationary effects.

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    Categories: Productivity