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    Skilled Labor Shortage Risk Mitigation

    Skilled Labor Shortage Risk Mitigation Construction Users Roundtable, 2015

    The Construction Users Roundtable provides recommendations for owners and contractors to mitigate the risks of a labor shortage and minimize unexpected problems during execution. This document outlines risk mitigation opportunities based on the experiences of CURT owners and contractors.

    Key Findings:

    • Conduct a project risk assessment
    • Change the project location or timing
    • Get the budget and schedule right
    • Plan for a workforce shortage to minimize the risks
    • Attract, recruit and retain the best workers
    • Remove work from the project work site by using prefabrication, modularization and preassembly
    • Leverage regional collaboration among contractors and owners to effectively share information about projects and collaborate on workforce development issues
    • Alternate contracting strategies to share risks appropriately between owners and contractors
    • Improve labor productivity

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    Categories: Skilled Workforce Shortage