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    The Shortage of Skilled Craft Workers in the U.S.

    The Shortage of Skilled Craft Workers in the U.S. CoverPublished by Construction Industry Institute, 2003

    This study researches ways to reduce demand and improve supply of skilled construction workers in the U.S.

    Key Findings:

    • The journey-level craft workforce is as educated as the rest of the U.S. population and is somewhat satisfied with their careers.
    • The construction workforce is not as diverse as it should be, and the industry is failing to utilize or attract workers such as women and minorities from nontraditional labor markets.
    • The industrial construction workforce tends to be characterized as one workforce, when in fact it is actually two with vastly different characteristics.
    • The industry is not utilizing any formal, coordinated effort to bridge the gap between the structured and the unstructured management of the workforce.

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