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    The Tier I Workforce Management Strategy: Concept and Application

    The Tier I Workforce Management Strategy: Concept and ApplicationPublished by Construction Industry Institute, 2003

    The research team that created the report Addressing the Shortage of Skilled Craft Workers in the U.S. also developed this Tier 1 strategy to address the workforce shortage. The Tier I strategy is a way to increase productivity and more effectively utilize and manage the workforce on a project to produce almost immediate measurable benefits. It is not a revolutionary strategy in itself, but the concepts and elements of the strategy serve as building blocks for more complex and extensive structured workforce development programs in the construction industry.

    Key Findings:

    • Supervisors require additional training and skills updating, both of which are key components of the strategy.
    • The goal is to maximize the effectiveness of these supervisors and thus produce higher levels of productivity without a highly skilled technical workforce.
    • Currently, very little training is being given to the supervisors and even less training is available to journey-level craft workers.
    • Currently there are very few structured workforce management programs in the construction industry.  
    • There is a need for a structured workforce management strategy that can be used to effectively manage a workforce regardless of its skill level.

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