Executive Leadership
Boyd Worsham, President and Chief Executive Officer 6902
Jennifer Wilkerson, Vice President — Innovation & Advancement 6908
Lisa Strite, Chief Learning Officer 6948
Clint Gibbs, Chief Financial Officer 6903
Katrina Kersch, Senior Director of Workforce Solutions 6935
Jessica Hutchinson, Executive Assistant 6902
Accreditation, Workforce Development & Customer Service Ext.
Katrina Kersch, Senior Director of Workforce Solutions 6935
Cathy Tyler, Director 6949
Patty Bird, Senior Workforce Development Manager
Ashleigh Potuznik, Senior Workforce Development Manager 6943
Nicole Kitler,  Workforce Development Manager
Tracy Orner, Workforce Development Coordinator 6937 
Jacob Oshier, Accreditation Coordinator 6913
Ashley Payne, Accreditation Coordinator 6919
Scott Fisher, Workforce Development Support Manager
Denisce Smallwood, Customer Service Manager
Samantha Oakley, Customer Service Representative 6968
Brad Duncan, Customer Service Representative 6955
Courtney Melton, Receptionist 6942
 Open Position, Receptionist
Compliance Ext.
Ryan Wilder, Director 6941
Stephanie Camille, Audit Program Manager 6911
Neil Narotam, Audit Coordinator/Desktop Auditor 6927
Craig Pendergraft, Audit Coordinator/Desktop Auditor
Danielle Brown, Remote Proctoring Audit Coordinator 6986
Finance & Administration Ext
Clint Gibbs, Chief Financial Officer  6903
Karina Debyah, Controller
Open Position, Controller -
Jenyfer Fuller, Staff Accountant
Michelle Rowell, Staff Accountant -
Jonathan Kuykendall, Facilities Coordinator -
Garrett Denmark, Accounts Receivable Intern -
Human Resources
Lissette Claudio, Human Resources Coordinator 5574
Information Technology Ext.
Mik Hartel, Director 6920
Bill Mercer, Software Engineer 6921
Matthew Mahoney, Systems Administrator/Tech Support Manager 6957
Teresa Vidal, Systems Administrator/Tech Support Coordinator 6933
Cyndy Ferguson, Salesforce Administrator 5575
Open Position, Salesforce Administrator -
Open Position, Web Developer 5579
Rob Wortelboer, Information Technology Intern -
Innovation & Advancement Ext.
Jennifer Wilkerson, Vice President -- Innovation & Advancement 6908
Sean Webb, Project Manager
Kathleen Egan, Project Manager 6991
Digital Learning Ext.
Bobby Person, Director 6983
Rachel McKinney, eLearning Project Manager 6988
Marketing & Public Relations Ext.
Christina Dalton, Director 6909
Rachel Burris, Senior Communications Manager, Editor of Breaking Ground, the NCCER newsroom
Nick van der Meer, Senior Marketing Manager 6962
Michele DiRocco, Marketing Project Manager 5580
Holly Mathis, BYF Manager
Kelsey Zibell, BYF Coordinator 6972
Nicole Needles, Marketing Coordinator
Jonathan Arnholz, Social Media Specialist 6958
Kelsey Brown, Administrative Assistant 5578 
Deanna Natour, Graphic Designer 6975
Emily McMahon, Junior Graphic Designer
Open Position, Product Marketing Manager -
Product Development & Revision Ext.
Lisa Strite, Chief Learning Officer 6948
Erin O'Nora, Senior Production Manager 6925
Chris Wilson, Senior Projects Manager 6926
Elizabeth Schlaupitz, Project Manager/Testing and Assessment
John Esbenshade, Project Manager 5568
Dario Vanhorne, Project Manager 6992
James McKay, Desktop Publishing Manager 6930
Carrie Pelzer, Art Manager
Kay Lewis, Image Permission Specialist
Amanda Smith, Image Permission Specialist 6987
Gary Ferguson, Data Manager/Technical Writer 6963
Troy Staton, Technical Writer 6980
Karyn Payne, Technical Writer 5572
Natalie Hasty, Technical Writer 6982
Veronica Westfall, Technical Writer 6979
Don Congdon, Technical Writer 6984
Graham Hack, Managing Editor 6929
Jordan Hutchinson, Editor 6924
Karina Kuchta, Editor 6938
Hannah Murray, Editor
Monica Meng, Editor
Rachael Downs, Digital Content Coordinator 5570
Chelsi Causley, Testing and Assessment Project Coordinator 6934
Gene Page, Production Specialist 6973
Eric Caraballoso, Production Specialist 6974
Lauren Corley, Project Assistant 6981
Daphney Milian, Product Development Program Specialist 6952 
Windy Wang, Instructional Designer 5577
Open Position, Product Development Project Manager -
Open Position, Production Artist -
Strategic Partnerships Ext.
Dan Belcher, Director 6936
Kirstyn Quandt, Strategic Partnerships Manager 6923
Testing & Registry
Allyson Butts, Director 6940
Rachel Melton, Registry Manager 6916
Constance Hackler, Project Manager
Angy Hall, Registry Coordinator 6917
Kathryn Creese, Systems Support Coordinator 6918
Daniel Serrano, Testing Systems Manager 6967
Nikki Bryant, Testing Coordinator 6954
Nick Dalton, Customer and Systems Support Specialist
Becky Curlin, Testing Specialist 5569
Clayton Coringrato, Program Support Assistant -
Faith Slone, Testing and Systems Support Specialist 6901
Open Position, Psychometrician -
Open Position, Systems Support Specialist
Video Production Ext.
Nikolai Nabet, Video Production Manager 6989
Alex Zawoy, Video Production Specialist -
Erin Hardin, Video Production Specialist 5571