Accredited Assessment Center Eligibility

Are you eligible to become an NCCER Accredited Assessment Center?

Acceptable Organizations for Accreditation

  • Contractor
  • Owner/Operator
  • Trade Association
  • Labor Organization
  • Certain Government Agencies
  • Temporary Employment Agency
  • Consultant
  • Other entity deemed appropriate by NCCER

Accredited Assessment Center Requirements

The following is a list of requirements that must be met in order to become an Accredited Assessment Center:

  1. Read, understand, and agree to abide by the NCCER Accreditation Guidelines

  2. Submit the following to or fax to 386.518.6303:

    • Form 100A
    • Proof of business (i.e. Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate of LLC, Business License, Company By-Laws etc.)
    • Completed credit application
    • Letters of recommendation from clients and/or users
    • Organizational chart
    • Certificate of Insurance or Notarized Security Letter

NCCER will review the documents submitted and will contact the organization. If approved to move forward, NCCER will request payment of the $2,395 application fee. This payment can be made by company check or credit card. Following payment, the organization will:

  1. Complete online registration for the Primary Administrator to attend the Master Trainer Instructor Certification Training Program and Administrator Certification Training Program

  2. Attend the Master Trainer Instructor Certification Training Program and Administrator Certification Training Program

Following completion of the Master Trainer Instructor Certification Training Program and Administrator Certification Training Program, the Primary Administrator will submit the following to or fax to 386.518.6303:

  • Completed Form 100A-1
  • Photos of assessment and performance verification facilities (i.e. computer labs, performance testing spaces, etc.)

NCCER will review the Form 100A-1 and photos. If approved, the organization will move into Candidate status as an Accredited Assessment Center.

Candidate Status

Organization will remain in Candidate status until the initial audit is closed. During Candidate status an organization can:

  • Have Master Trainer(s) train and certify performance evaluators
  • Train and certify coordinators and proctors to administer assessments
  • Order and administer assessments
  • Deliver performance verifications and submit to NCCER

In order for an audit to take place the assessment program must be actively administering assessments and/or submitting performance verifications to NCCER.

NCCER will contact the organization to schedule the initial audit. All non-conformances from the audit must be resolved in order for NCCER to close the audit and grant official accreditation.

All National Craft Assessment and Certification Program assessment materials are the copyrighted, intellectual property of the NCCER. In other words, all written assessments, performance verifications, and practical examinations are exclusively owned by NCCER. Neither Accredited Assessment Centers nor Authorized Assessment Sites own these assessment products; they purchase the right to use them in accordance with NCCER guidelines and policies. When an Accredited Assessment Center’s accreditation is terminated or revoked, all assessment materials must be returned to NCCER for destruction and/or cancellation.

STOP! If your organization does not meet and agree to the above eligibility criteria, becoming an NCCER Accredited Assessment Center may not be the best fit for your organization. Contact the NCCER accreditation department to determine how your organization can best fit into the NCCER accreditation processes.