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Grant Resources

Maximize your grant seeking efforts with NCCER’s comprehensive resources.


Explore our wide range of grant seeking resources developed in conjunction with GrantsPlus, the nation’s most trusted and experienced professional grant seeking firm. Our resources include interactive webinars and easy-to-use downloadable guides.

Grant Seeking Guides

A Board Member's Guide to Boosting Funder Relationships


Connecting with a Grant Funder from Your First Phone Call


Factors to Decide to Go (or Not Go) for a Grant Opportunity


Five Steps to Using Equitable Language in Grant Writing


Guide to Writing a Winning Grant Proposal


Prioritizing Grant Funding Prospects


Resourcing Your Grants Effort During a Staff Transition


Signs of a Strong Grant Funding Prospect


Webinar Recordings

The following is a collection of pre-recorded webinars to assist executives, fundraisers and program staff interested in seeking grants.

Best Practices for Writing a Compelling Grant Proposal

Understand the core components of every compelling grant proposal. Learn what to include to make a persuasive “ask” and how to deploy simple writing techniques that will make your proposal stand out from the competition.

Building Funder Relationships for Grant Success

Learn why relationships are key to long-term funding from both private funders and government agencies, and get practical advice on how to plan a multi-year grant pipeline that nurtures those relationships and leads to fundraising success.

Building a Grant-Ready Program Budget

Grant makers expect to see common elements included in program budgets. Learn how to develop program budgets that will both cover your organization’s program expenses and make your grant applications more competitive.

Evaluating Grant Opportunities for Your Organization

Learn how to match your work and programs with grant opportunities to increase your success in getting grant funding, including determining if a grant funder’s priorities fit with your organization’s mission.

Grant Seeking Basics: Why Grants Matter for Your Organization

NCCER has engaged the experts at Grants Plus for a series of grant seeking trainings and other supports to help our partners boost their grant seeking. Find out how your organization can benefit from these offerings and learn the fundamentals that everyone should know about applying for government and private grants.

Identifying Grant-Ready Programs

Learn to evaluate your programs against funder expectations and increase your chances of winning grant funding by understanding what program elements are most important to grant makers.

Post-Award Evaluation and Grant Management

You got the grant, now what? Learn how to build evaluation into grant-funded programs to provide funders with the information they need to know their money is making a difference, as well as the basics of post-award program and financial reporting.

Putting It All Together: Using Grant Seeking Best Practices for Success

Improve your funding success by understanding current best practices in grant seeking, including the best ways to present your work to funders; current trends in philanthropy; and incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion into your grant seeking.

Using Stories to Supercharge Your Fundraising

Connecting your organization’s work with the lives and experiences of grant reviewers will help your proposals stand out. Learn how to use stories about your work’s impact to create compelling funding requests.

Supplemental Resources

Grant Seeking Notebook

This workbook is a companion to the grant seeking webinar series produced by NCCER and Grants Plus. It includes tips, best practices, and forms that you can use to win grants to support your work!

Budget Template

The Budget Template is a supplemental resource from the previously-recorded Building a Grant-Ready Program Budget webinar.

Clear Ask Worksheet

The Clear Ask Worksheet is a supplemental resource from the previously-recorded Best Practices for Writing a Compelling Grant Proposal webinar.

Directory of State Contacts

This is a list of websites for each state’s workforce development agency. These agencies should be the main avenue for state funding for the work that you do, and often make grants focused on local, regional, and state-wide job training programs.

Funder Pipeline Example

The Funder Pipeline Example is a supplemental resource from the previously-recorded Building Funder Relationships for Grant Success webinar.