Arkiv Training/Resources

Below you will find the Arkiv user manual which you may download by topic. The user manual is designed to assist Account Administrators in navigating Prov's online information management system; Arkiv. Following the user manual, you will see several "how to" movies that will show you how to use the system.

How To Videos

The following links are videos that demonstrate the process of using the system to accomplish the following tasks. To play, you will need a high-speed connection to the Internet, a soundcard and speakers and the Free Flash Plug-in from Adobe. Click here to download the free flash plug-in.

Introduction 10.22.13
Login 10.22.13
Users 10.22.13
Ordering 10.22.13
Inventory 10.22.13
Assigning Tests 10.22.13
Test Admin 10.22.13
Scoring 10.22.13