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Make sure you're ready for the transition to paperless testing. Find your role below and register using the corresponding links to receive testing system training.

NCCER Module Testing is going paperless!
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Sponsor Representatives: 

Testing System Training (Sponsor Rep Only)

This higher-level training for Sponsor Representatives, Secondary Representatives and Support Roles covers the first steps that need to be taken to move to online testing.

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Testing System Training Part 1

Instructors can attend training to learn the initial set-up that must take place before online tests can be proctored. You will be trained on creating Groups (Class Rosters) and your Favorites List, as well as the Test Assignment process.

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Testing System Training Part 2

Instructors can join this training — after completing part 1 — to learn the Authorization and Proctoring of Online Module Tests, Entering Completed Performance Profiles and pulling various Reports, including the student's Score Report & Training Prescription.

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Testing System Training Parts 1 & 2

Instructors can either attend part 1 and 2 training separately (listed above) or can attend this comprehensive webinar. Covering both parts 1 & 2 of training, this webinar starts at 6:30 pm EST and is approximately an hour and 45 minutes long.

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