Registry System

NCCER's Registry system is a secure database maintained by NCCER to help manage an accredited organization's training and assessment programs. Individuals can also use the Registry to review their credentials.

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Submitting New Titles in the Registry

If you are submitting module completions for updated titles that do not have date suffixes at the end of the module ID numbers, you must add a language suffix, such as EN or ES. See the following for language suffixes and example of how to submit to the Registry.

Example for submitting English Mobile Crane Operations Level 1 modules: Module ID # listed on module cover would be 21101, but the Module ID # to be entered into Registry would be 21101-EN.

Language suffixes:

  • EN – English
  • ES – Spanish
  • FR – French
  • RU – Russian
  • BR – Brazilian Portuguese
  • As translations occur, they will be updated here.

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Recorded Training Webinars Available!

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Importance of NCCER Card Numbers

It is critical for all Registry users to use NCCER card numbers in the system to maintain accuracy. The NCCER card number is the most important number used in the Registry. Regardless of what alternative number someone might use to access the system, you can always find their information by using their NCCER card number.

Crane, Rigger and Signal Person Processes Just Got Easier!

No paper needed, it's all electronic. The candidate needs to register in the system and fill out the application prior to taking the practical so everything is ready to go. You no longer have to wait for us to process submissions because it is automatically done in the system. This new process allows you to see all four parts, and see the photo once it gets approved.

Improved Customer Service

The Registry System allows NCCER staff to see the same thing users see as they are explaining their issues. This will help us resolve problems faster.

New Support Role

Allows user to create and submit forms on behalf of administrators, craft instructors, master trainers or performance evaluators. It can only be assigned by the Sponsor Representative through the People tab under the My Organization section.

New Candidate Search Fields

Search forms by the first/last name or trainee's card number under both My Submissions and My Work Items tabs. Quickly search and retrieve all forms related to a trainee's module completions.

Updated QuickCheck

QuickCheck is available for any user who currently posses an active certification. Locate it by clicking the Credentials icon and selecting QuickCheck from the drop-down menu.

New Printing Options

Form submissions now have a print friendly feature that allows the form to be printed directly from the web browser or saved as an electronic document. Sponsor representatives, secondary representatives and support role users can print official training transcripts under the Training tab in the QuickCheck section. The printing feature is available for an trainee record that has completed at least one module under your organization.

Updates for Curriculum Revisions

When new editions of curriculum are releases in the Registry, the system will automatically update the curriculum selection for your organization. Instructor certifications will automatically be updated with new curriculum revisions if they are certificated for that level or craft.


Reports Are Not Available

We do realize that reports are unavailable at this time. We will post as soon as they are available.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we transition between systems. This process has been a huge undertaking because it is a very complex system.

Please call NCCER customer service at 888.622.3720 with any questions.