NEW NCCER Testing System

GREAT NEWS! NCCER is making module testing easier.

Want to save countless hours administering, scoring and submitting module completions?
NCCER’s new Testing System electronically creates, launches, scores, stores and submits module tests. Say goodbye to all those Form 200s!

How does the NCCER Testing System work?
Previous processes required craft instructors to generate, administer and score NCCER module tests and then submit for credentials. The new system allows for all of this to be done electronically while also eliminating the need for paper-based tests and record storage. Completed Performance Profiles can be entered directly into the system.

How do I start using the NCCER Testing System?
Contact your sponsor representative to make sure that your organization is set up and ready to use the system. Use our training resources located in the sidebar for webinar recordings, quick reference guides and how-to documents that will walk you through each aspect of the testing system.

If you are a sponsor representative and you are ready to set up your organization, download our getting started quick reference.


Optional Pipeline Paper Testing

NCCER has paper test options in addition to the new online testing system.

System Features:

  • Platform managed in-house by NCCER
  • Single sign-on with NCCER's Registry System (only one login/password for both)
  • Multiple test versions with automatically scrambled questions
  • Automatic scoring
  • Electronic record storage
  • Proctor Station for ease in test administration


  • Tests administered and delivered online
  • Web-based platform with no special software or hardware requirements
  • Automatic submission to NCCER’s Registry System
  • Operates on all major browsers
  • Automatically conforms to multiple devices (i.e. laptops, tablets, Google Chromebooks, Macbooks)
  • Paper test option for pipeline covered task modules

Attention! Updated Pipeline Paper and Computer Tests


New paper tests have been added to the PDF list in the Testing System. Please stop using any previously printed tests and print the new tests.


Please remove the previous tests (noted with an *) from your Testing Assignment list and add the new tests. You will also need to reassign any test takers to the new tests.

How to Reassign a Test

Computer Only Pipeline Tests

  • M019 CT 7_1-17 – Visual Inspection of Atmospheric Coatings
  • M023 CT7_5-17 – Apply Coating Using Hand Application Methods
  • M024 CT7_6-17 – Apply Coating Using Spray Application
  • M010 CT2_3-17 - Install Test Leads by Non-Exothermic Welding Methods
  • M011 CT2_4-17 - Install Test Leads by Exothermic Welding Methods
  • M017 CT5_2-17 - Examining for External Corrosion on Buried or Submerged Pipe
  • M020 CT7_2-17 - Prepare Surface for Coating Using Hand and Power Tools
  • M021 CT7_3-17 - Prepare Surface for Coating by Abrasive Water Blasting
  • M022 CT7_4-17 - Prepare Surface for Coating by Abrasive Blasting Media Other Than Water
  • M068 CT29_1-17 - Launching In-Line Inspection Devices
  • M072 CT32_0-17 - Observation of Excavation Activities

Both Paper and Computer Pipeline Tests

  • M008 CT2_1-17 - Verify Test Lead Continuity
  • M009 CT2_2-17 - Repair Damaged Test Leads
  • M013 CT4_1-17 - Troubleshoot Rectifier
  • M025 CT7_7-17 - Perform Coating Inspection
  • M043 CT16_1-17 - Inspect Navigable Waterway Crossing

Current Crafts

More crafts are being added each week.

  • 127 NEW Pipeline Covered Task Modules
  • Alternative Energy – 1st Edition
  • Boilermaking – 1st and 2nd Edition
  • Cabinetmaking – 2nd and 3rd Edition
  • Carpentry – 4th and 5th Edition
  • Concrete Finishing – 1st Edition
  • Construction Technology – 3rd and 4th Edition
  • Core Curriculum – 4th and 5th Edition
  • Drywall – 1st Edition
  • Electrical – 7th, 8th and 9th Edition
  • Electronic System Technician – 2nd and 3rd Edition
  • Fundamentals of Crew Leadership – 2nd Edition
  • Heavy Equipment Operations – 2nd and 3rd Edition
  • Heavy Highway – 1st Edition
  • HVAC – 3rd and 4th Edition
  • Industrial Maintenance E&I – 3rd Edition
  • Industrial Maintenance Mechanic – 3rd Edition
  • Instrumentation – 2nd and 3rd Edition
  • Insulating – 1st Edition
  • Ironworking – 2nd Edition
  • Masonry – 3rd and 4th Edition
  • Millwright – 3rd Edition
  • Painting – 1st Edition
  • Pipefitting – 3rd Edition
  • Plumbing – 3rd and 4th Edition
  • Power Industry Fundamentals – 1st Edition
  • Project Management – 2nd Edition
  • Project Supervision – 1st Edition
  • Sheet Metal – 3rd Edition
  • Sprinkler Fitting – 3rd Edition
  • Sustainable Construction – 2nd and 3rd Edition
  • Welding – 4th and 5th Edition

Purchase Options

Accredited organizations have two options to buy and pay for tests. If an organization does not elect to pre-purchase test packages, default invoicing is per test pricing.

Purchase Test Packages

Note: NCCER does not set commercial terms for tests.

Comments About Test Questions

Proctors will need to supply test takers with a comment form if the test taker has a comment about a test question. The instructions to proctors for logging a test taker's comment and the form to be used are found on the NCCER Support page Submit a Question Comment to NCCER.

Download the Form