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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of purchasing subscriptions? 

Subscriptions allow organizations to: 

  • Make purchases in advance.  

  • Eliminate having to track/reconcile per test invoicing. 

  • Simplify budgeting by paying per student, per year. 

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Do I have to have subscriptions to test using NCCER’s Testing System? 

No, organizations may still test and receive a monthly invoice for tests taken. 

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What kinds of subscriptions are offered? 

NCCER is currently offering two subscriptions. High school subscriptions cover testing for each student from August 1 to June 30. Business and industry subscriptions cover testing for each student for one year from the date designated at the time of purchase. Subscriptions allow students to access whatever tests are appropriate for their year of learning.   

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How are subscriptions purchased? 

Sign into your NCCER account, click on Module Tests Subscriptions in the Quick Links navigation on the top of the page. Complete and submit the form. An order confirmation will be emailed to you. If purchasing for more than one training location, a separate transaction/order needs to be placed for each training location. 

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What if I am a Sponsor Representative and want to purchase subscriptions for my training units? 

Anyone can make a subscription purchase; however, subscriptions must be purchased at the training location level, so a separate transaction/order needs to be placed for each training location. 

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Can I purchase subscriptions for more than one training location at a time? 

A separate transaction/order must be placed for each training location. 

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How much are subscriptions? 

High school subscriptions are $20 per student and business and industry subscriptions (postsecondary education, corrections, associations, contractors, etc.) are $24 per student.  

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How do I pay for subscriptions? 

When placing an order, you will have the option to pay by credit card or provide a Purchasing Order Number (PO #) to be billed. Invoices are due within 30 days. 

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How do I activate my subscriptions? 

High school subscriptions are active starting August 1. Business and industry subscriptions are active on the date designated at the time of purchase. Once a subscription is active, you may start using NCCER’s Testing System.  

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Are subscriptions available for NCCER’s Journey-Level Assessments? 

No, subscriptions are only available for craft module tests.   

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Are subscriptions available for pipeline module tests? 

No, subscriptions are only available for craft module tests. 

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If I currently pay per test in arrears, can I switch to subscriptions? 

Yes, organizations who are currently being billed in arrears may purchase and begin using subscriptions at any time. 

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Can my organizations have some students on subscriptions and pay per test for other students? 

No, organizations must either pay per test for their students or use subscriptions for their students. 

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Are subscriptions associated with a certain student card number? 

No, subscriptions cover the total unique card numbers who are testing but are not tied to a specific NCCER Card Number at this time. Each month NCCER will monitor the number of unique test-takers compared to the number of active subscriptions.  

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What happens if I didn’t purchase enough subscriptions? 

Organizations may purchase more subscriptions at any time. Keep in mind if students are added to a program, more subscriptions will need to be purchased. 

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I purchased high school subscriptions and need to add more students. How does this work? 

High school subscriptions purchased any time during the year will expire on June 30 (i.e., at the end of the school year). For example, if students are added to the program in January and more subscriptions are purchased, those subscriptions will expire June 30 of that year. 

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Are retests included in subscriptions? 

Yes, subscriptions allow for a student to retest as needed. 

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Is there a retest fee if my organization is paying per test on a monthly basis (i.e., we are not using subscriptions)? 

No, NCCER does not charge a fee for retesting. 

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What if all the purchased subscriptions are not used, can they roll over to another year? 

No, once a subscription is active, it expires at the end of the subscription term. For high schools that is June 30 and for business and industry that is 12 months after the designated start date. 

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What is the subscription term? 

For high schools, subscriptions are active August 1 – June 30. For business and industry, subscriptions are active for 12 months based on the start date designated at the time of purchase. 

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Are individual learners able to purchase subscriptions? 

No, subscriptions are purchased by an organization for the learners in their program. 

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What if my organization services both high school and postsecondary/adult learners? 

Subscription pricing is based on the type of organization delivering the training.   

Example 1: A postsecondary institution has dual-enrolled high school students as well as enrolled postsecondary students. They would receive the business and industry subscription price of $24 per student. This price is because the purchasing organization is not a high school. 

Example 2: An association has daytime high school students and adult learners in their apprenticeship program. They would receive the business and industry subscription price of $24 per student. This price is because the purchasing organization is not a high school. 

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Beginning July 2021, NCCER released new pricing and purchasing options for online module testing.

Option 1: Subscriptions – Pre-purchased per student.
Option 2: Per Test — Billed in arrears for tests taken.   

Learn more about pricing and purchasing options for craft module testing. 

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