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Going Green: How Construction Can Celebrate Earth Day

Construction continues to develop new methods of sustainability.

Three Things All Good Leaders Practice

Leaders need to work toward promoting their company and the construction industry as a whole to shorten the skilled labor shortage.

HAUL opens doors to the construction industry

Learn how HAUL helps a veteran, woman and former corrections inmate find their career in construction.

How Can We Strengthen Construction Training Programs?

Building a better future begins with a foundation in education. Ensuring this foundation is sturdy will help the industry continue to grow.

Our 5 Most Popular Blog Posts of the Year

It’s been an exciting year at NCCER! Check out the top five blogs that connected with readers the most in 2018.

The Building Doesn’t Need to Stop

All the hours of play as a kid don’t need to be thrown away. Rather, they can form the foundation of a solid career.

Recent Improvements in Safety Can Encourage New Construction Professionals

Check out three improvements in safety standards that construction companies have implemented, and how they can work for any crew.

Women Are Leading the Construction Industry — and It's Paying Off

Women are finding they have a better future in construction than they first realize.

The Importance of Construction Craft Instructors

Instructors shape the future of the industry and inspire the next generation of craft professionals.

Five Reasons to Thank a Craft Professional

As we take time to reflect this upcoming Thursday, it’s easy to think of reasons to thank a craftsperson.

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