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I Changed the Path of My Life and Had the Time of My Life Doing It

Because it was in technical school that I built skills and confidence to do what I really wanted to do.

Unique Event Introduces Girls to Careers in Construction

The goal of Power UP is to inspire mothers and daughters to be empowered by the construction industry.

Persistence Pays Off

Maria Molina returns to work after retirement and shares how she's done everything from hurricane relief support to hanging drywall!

Say Yes to Opportunity

Sharon Baker started in the construction industry as a single parent with two boys and is an inspiration with her tenacity and willingness to say yes.

A Little Determination Will Go Far

Highlighting women in construction, we share Madison's story as an intern learning the industry.

Defining Moments and Words of Wisdom

NCCER's own Katrina Kersch shares what drew her to the construction industry.

Mentoring Women & Minorities: Tips & Best Practices

Mentoring is important because it works.

Construction, CTE and Career Paths

Preparing students for tomorrow’s workforce and offering clear pathways to credentials are just a few benefits of CTE.

Connecting Industry to Education

To help bridge the skills shortage, employers need to work with educators to prepare students for skills that are in high demand.

Take Pride In What You've Built

Wood Construction Coordinator Richard Campbell is a testament to the opportunities available in the construction industry.

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NCCER develops standardized construction and maintenance curricula and assessments with portable credentials. These credentials are tracked through NCCER’s National Registry which allows organizations and companies to track the qualifications of their craft professionals and/or check the qualifications of possible new hires. The National Registry also assists craft professionals by maintaining their records in a secure database.