local_abc_chapter_largecroppedBy Amy King, Communications Manager for NCCER As one of the largest NCCER training providers in the 1990s, the Pelican Chapter, Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. (ABC) in Louisiana played a prominent role in both NCCER’s birth and subsequent growth. Over the years, this dedicated support has paid major dividends for the chapter and for NCCER. The unparalleled success of NCCER has dramatically increased the chapter’s ability to not only train a highly skilled workforce, but also recruit the next generation of craft professionals and keep pace with the rising demand for craft professionals along the Gulf Coast. The Pelican Chapter represents 54 parishes in Louisiana, with training centers in the Baton Rouge and Lake Charles regions of Louisiana. As one of the first NCCER Accredited Training Sponsors and an NCCER Accredited Assessment Center, the Pelican Chapter trains over 2,000 students a year and employs more than 100 NCCER-certified instructors. An estimated 75 percent of the chapter’s craft trainees graduate with NCCER credentials. With ABC’s national office being one of the founding partners in the creation of NCCER, the Pelican Chapter has a unique relationship with NCCER. By late 1988 and into the first part of 1990, half of ABC’s chapters, including the Pelican Chapter, offered craft training through curricula called Wheels of Learning, which later evolved into NCCER’s curricula. Given this, the Pelican Chapter was closely involved with helping develop and refine NCCER’s early curriculum. The Pelican Chapter was also part of the early development of NCCER’s National Craft Assessment and Certification Program. In the 1990s, the chapter created its own skills assessment program and joined other ABC chapters along the Gulf Coast to establish the Industrial Skills Assessment Council. In 1998, the council and other industry associations and contractors came together to contribute their resources in support of creating NCCER’s National Craft Assessment and Certification Program for industry to utilize. With help from founding partners like the Pelican Chapter, NCCER soon became the leader in craft training and assessments, which in turn, greatly enhanced Pelican’s ability to attract and maintain a skilled workforce. Because NCCER is focused solely on improving construction education, training and assessments, it has been able to develop a robust system for workforce development. Cover1605For the rest of the story, read the full article in NCCER’s Cornerstone magazine.


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  1. NCCER | Nov 21, 2017
    Hi Wade! Thanks for the comment and your interest in certifying one of your superintendents as a Craft Instructor. Your first step is going to be finding a training center near you. Visit https://www.nccer.org/get-involved/individuals-seeking-training/find-a-training-or-assessment-center and if you have any technical difficulties, please contact customer service by emailing support@nccer.org or calling 888.622.3720. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have!
  2. Wade Smith | Nov 20, 2017

    Our firm is interested in certifying one of our superintendents as a Craft Instructor.  Where could we send him to get him certified?  We are located in Belton, Texas.


    Thank you.


    Wade Smith

    Safety Manager

    Matous Construction


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