Q: Tell us about yourself. A: My name is Megan! I write in the home improvement/remodeling and construction industries. I also have my own blog, Your Wild Home, where I give home improvement advice to millennials. Q: Your Wild Home is written for the “modern millennial.” What does that mean to you? A: I think millennials have a unique challenge when it comes to home ownership. Most of us can’t afford one! My goal is to give people in my generation helpful and also light-hearted home improvement advice for whenever we end up joining the housing market. Q: Why did you choose to write about the construction industry? A: The construction industry gets a bad reputation for being male-dominated, and while, yes, that’s true, women and minorities are on more teams than ever. So, it’s an interesting time culturally within construction. Also, there’s rapid advancement in technology, including the adoption of drones, virtual reality, and other equipment. Q: Why do you think the millennial worker and the construction industry make such a great pair? A: Millennials are incredibly advanced compared to previous generations in terms of technology. While they may need some reassurance in terms of training and safety, their willingness to work with new technology will improve construction site productivity. Q: With the continued push for four-year degrees, how can we encourage students to pursue careers in construction? A: I think a big part of attracting students into construction will be getting them in the door before graduation with internships and sponsorships. I’m not sure many students realize the labor deficit in construction either, or the great compensation it can offer. So, there’s a little bit of awareness gap that I think could be solved by construction companies. Q: Which stereotype do you believe is the most inaccurate regarding the millennial generation? A: The most inaccurate stereotype is that millennials are job-hoppers. It could discourage employers from investing in millennials and also discourage millennials from leaving a job that is either unsafe or not the right fit, because they don’t want to be seen as a “job-hopper.” It’s also just not true.

This month, our blog series “The Millennial Misconception,” explores how the hardworking members of this generation are the perfect fit for the construction industry. Check back next week for more from guest contributor Megan Wild!

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