Travis WeberFor the last 14 years, my summers have consisted of the same thing: gainful employment in the construction industry! In the summer of 2003, I graduated from high school with a 3.85 GPA and didn’t have a clue where life was going to lead me from there. With no plans for the summer, I took a construction job as an apprentice ironworker. Walking the high steel and getting paid sounded like an exhilarating way to spend my summer until I could figure out exactly what I wanted to do in life. My original game plan was to work for the summer and attend college where I would follow my passion for graphic design work. After doing some homework and looking at a few schools, I realized affording the cost of a four-year program was going to be a stretch. After finding out the average annual wage for this line work and the total cost for school, it was sounding less and less appealing by the minute. I decided to put school on hold for the summer and enjoy my job as an ironworker. Walking the high steel on a hot summer day and carrying 50 pounds of tools and bolts for 60 hours a week may not sound like an enjoyable job for most, but I would beg to differ. After receiving my first 60 hour paycheck (20 hours of overtime included), the construction industry became very appealing. Not only do I get the chance to build cool stuff, but I get paid to do so. How awesome is that? This career path gave me the financial freedom to buy the things I wanted and needed. Needless to say, after that summer of being an ironworker, I never looked backed and instead, I continued to pursue a career in the construction industry. By the summer of 2006, I advanced in my career by taking a position as a site safety manager. I traveled the country working on large, complex and iconic projects such as the Miami Marlins Baseball Stadium and on commercial and industrial worksites. As a site safety manager, I had the opportunity to travel and live in many different states such as Florida, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Michigan, Georgia, Alabama, New Mexico and Kentucky. Then, after 5 1/2 years of being a successful site safety manager, I was promoted to assistant safety director. After 13 years of amazing employment with the steel erection company, I made a decision to move employers and work for a general contractor located in Colorado. Here I am, 14 summers later, happily married with two kids, a wonderful home and a beautiful life, all thanks to the endless and bountiful opportunities offered by the construction industry. What are you doing this summer?


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  1. Genevieve | Aug 07, 2017
    Awesome and amazing life story!  Thank you for sharing!
  2. Travis Weber | Jul 14, 2017

    Thank you for letting me write this blog! It was a pleasure. 

    Travis Weber

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