Faith-300It’s no secret that we are in an industry fighting for skilled labor. Knowing the many opportunities afforded to those who choose apprenticeships, Faith Technologies has taken this one step further by investing heavily in our company’s greatest asset – its people. There are many advantages to choosing an apprenticeship program for your post-secondary education, including: Earning Potential: Unlike their college peers, from their first day in the classroom, apprentices not only gain hands-on experience in their chosen field, they also earn a paycheck while doing so. Faith Technologies’ apprentices are paid on a progressive wage scale, which means that as they progress through our apprenticeship program, learning more both in the classroom and on the job, their wages progress as well. Graduates from our apprenticeship program spend four years learning the hands-on skills necessary to have a successful career in their field, whereas their college peers might just be getting started in their careers after spending the same four years in the classroom. Upon the completion of our apprenticeship program, graduates are then qualified to take a journeyworker exam to become a licensed professional in their chosen trade, further progressing their pay. Travel Opportunities: With projects across the country, Faith Technologies’ apprentices have the opportunity to travel and work in various parts of the country. This allows them to visit places they may have never seen, learn about new regions and cultures, and gain additional skills from the exposure to working in different markets. Investing in our brightest and most passionate people is something Faith Technologies has always done. Our CEO, Mike Jansen, began his career with the company as an apprentice, along with many of our group presidents, vice presidents and other field and office leaders. Their careers have been, and continue to be, shaped by our apprenticeship programs and the continued learning opportunities provided by the company. Through our Ground Up Growth initiative, we are able to offer our apprentices a great start to a life-long career through our dedicated learning and development programs: Tuition Scholarship Program: Every apprentice who starts in our apprenticeship program is awarded a full tuition scholarship to attend classes. Apprentices can earn the opportunity to renew their scholarships each year by meeting a variety of performance criteria including appropriate test scores, positive attitudes and efforts, and dedication to learning their chosen trade. Not only does this program provide debt-free training opportunities to our employees, but it promotes high performance and career accountability within our team. Career Pathing and Continued Learning: During the apprenticeship program, students not only have the opportunity to learn about and shadow other career paths within the company, but they are encouraged to do so. If we do not have an internal training opportunity available, employees can utilize our tuition reimbursement program to attend external training at no cost to them. Dedicated Training Resources: In 2017, Faith Technologies opened Faith Technologies University, a 35,000-square-foot campus in Appleton, Wisconsin, dedicated to the training and development of apprentices year-round. In addition to this main campus, Faith Technologies University has satellite locations in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Georgia. Our full-time learning and development department consists of nearly two dozen team members dedicated to the training and development of our employees. In addition to providing learning opportunities for our employees, we’re also committed to teaching our communities about careers in the trade. One of my colleagues has said, “I think we have a pretty compelling story to tell. We just need to find the right people to tell it to.” In an effort to tell our story to as many of the right people as possible, we are committed to building relationships with a variety of individuals who guide the youth in the communities we work. Members from our talent team can be found in high school / vocational school classrooms and school events promoting the trades and the opportunities within our organization, hosting job shadow events throughout the school year at our company’s main branch locations, and participating in virtual job fairs where they can answer questions about careers at Faith Technologies. While a college education can provide the foundation for a great career, it’s not the right option for everyone. Therefore, we’re proud to share the career opportunities we offer in the trades, and how you can “Earn While You Learn” through an apprenticeship with Faith Technologies.


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  1. victor | Apr 29, 2018
    what about in Canada?
  2. Joel Newcomb Ed.S. | Apr 28, 2018

    As a retired Counselor and School to Work Coordinator, i believe that apprenticeships represent perhaps the mist viable and time rested appeoach to developing the skill set and experience necessary for career success.. Faith Technilgies is committed to excellence , innovation and continued improvement in the ttaining and educational development of skilled workforce that meets and exceeds the ecpectations of all partners. Faiths approach gave numerous stuents in our Co Op the opportunity to get their foot in the door and develop  the skills and attitudes which helped  pave the way to a bright, fulfilling and secure future. Thank you for your partnership and dedication to our students and future workforce.

  3. Ford V Pulley | Apr 26, 2018

    I applaud your devlopmental approach to training of the next high performance employees working in industry.  My name is Ford V Pulley and live and work in Mesquite, NV.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize the key to economic prosperity is through industrial demand for products - not services.  OOne must build and then sell, not the other way around.


    I have been training industrial employess for almost 40 years and it is my humble opinion that training skilled labor is import for a nations's well being.  Just look at Germany to get an idea of what industrial success loks like.  They train great engineers, but also enrich their industrial partners with very skilled workers.  They in turn make very good products - high technology with lasting results.  The United States need to look at their example to replicate the same success.  The United States needs to remain a country of industrial migh and technological innovation.  Your organization is correct in developing that demand for skilled labor.

    If I can be of any assistance to your program, please contact me.

    Ford V Pulley

    Below Hook Safety Marketing

    1395 Tannery Heights



    Mesquite, NV  89034

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