OpenHouse-1000Crane Industry Services, LLC (CIS) is investing in the future with their new Centered on Safety Training Center in Carrollton, Georgia. While CIS’s primary focus is training and certification for the crane and rigging industry, they also connect with local students. They recently hosted a one-day workshop in celebration of their new facility and area eighth grade girls were provided with the opportunity to learn about various construction professions. Hands-on Learning “The girls really got into it,” said Debbie Dickinson, CEO of CIS of the Power UP workshop. They learned how to tie rigging knots and worked on crane operator simulators. “They were working pretty hard, and they kept at it,” says Dickinson. Approximately 10 girls participated in the workshop and several parents and educators observed. CIS intentionally kept the number of participants low in order to track how much they could accomplish in a day and give them meaningful learning. Though the participants didn’t have a written test, at the end of the day they were administered an oral test with an emphasis on safety. “They made connections about thinking through decisions and being aware of their decisions and surroundings,” she added. PowerUP2-2Safety Measures and Technology Open Career Doors Workshop participants were given personal protection equipment (PPE) including a job-approved hard hat and a safety orange T-shirt. “We talked a lot about safety — jobsite safety, PPE and why you should wear this. We talked about how the construction world has changed. Once upon a time jobs were only for men because it took brute strength to do the job. That’s not necessarily true anymore because equipment is more sophisticated today. There was lots of interest in careers that the girls heard about during the Workshop,” says Dickinson. “I learned how to tie a bowline knot, hand signals, how to control a crane and rigging. I would recommend this to my friends,” said one student on her evaluation. “It’s a little place with so much to offer. It exceeded my expectations,” said another. A third participant said she is “going to keep the craning career an option for when I’m older.” PowerUP5-1000Important for Parents to Learn About Construction Careers While the event “was all about the girls,” said Dickinson, she reported how important it is for parents to hear the message also — construction is a field with great opportunities for everyone. “They, too, were hearing about careers they’d never considered, and they were happy their daughters were being exposed to careers and great opportunities,” adds Dickinson. About Crane Industry Services — Crane Industry Services LLC, (CIS) based in the Atlanta, Ga. area, was established in 2008. CIS provides hands-on, classroom and technology-based training for the crane and rigging industry, nationally accredited NCCER certifications, equipment inspections, expert witness services, and consulting to the lifting industry. Crane Industry Services is WBE-certified and NCCER-accredited to train and provide OSHA-recognized, ANSI-accredited crane operator certification testing or (770)-783-9292. About Power UP: Power UP, Inc. is the first organization of its kind and is consistently at the forefront of educating young talent. Using innovative solutions to create partnerships at all levels, Power UP works diligently at removing barriers that have prohibited the development of a diversified and strong workforce for the construction industry. Learn more about Power Up at or (205)-914-4464.

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  1. Verna Perry | Nov 01, 2018
    The Carpenter's Daughter Apprenticeship Program had an opportunity to visit during this workshop and is planning a similar workshop for Green Girls Apprenticeship Program (GGAP) in Pine Bluff, Arkansas in February, 2019. I think it is awesome!!! Visit our website to learn more about the program.

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