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For eight years, the D. Samuels and Associates (DSA) firm has molded its position in construction by providing a niche of construction management projects to complement the Houston labor market.

Three Things All Good Leaders Practice

Leaders need to work toward promoting their company and the construction industry as a whole to shorten the skilled labor shortage.

The Building Doesn’t Need to Stop

All the hours of play as a kid don’t need to be thrown away. Rather, they can form the foundation of a solid career.

Women Are Leading the Construction Industry — and It's Paying Off

Women are finding they have a better future in construction than they first realize.

Crane Industry Connects with the Next Generation

Crane Industry Services connected with local students through a Power Up Workshop.

Masters of the Building Arts

From welding ornate iron gates to preserving plasterwork in historic buildings, meet the artisans who are masters of their crafts.

Austin Jonas: The Value of Construction Credentials

I soon realized that I liked the opportunities that were available to me in the field of construction.

Why You Don’t Need a College Degree to Land a Great Job

Work ethic, drive and other individual characteristics are far better factors to consider when hiring - something the construction industry practices.

Who’s Who in Apprenticeship?

Meet the nation's 2018 top seven AFSA apprentices and learn about their experience in the fire sprinkler industry.

Celebrating Careers in Construction Month in Your Community

CICM is a nationwide campaign designed to increase public awareness and inspire the next generation of construction craft professionals.

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