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What Your Gen Z Employees Want

With what Gen Z is looking for professionally, a career in construction is a perfect fit. We just have to show them that.

Benefits of Training with a Simulator

Adapting training to the tech savvy youth of today is an important key to recruiting the next generation of craft professionals. One tool that is becoming widely utilized in the construction industry is the use of simulators.

Bringing a Modern Mindset to a Traditional Construction Industry

Modernizing the construction industry will allow new recruits to apply more advanced technological skills to their work, accelerating the field’s rate of change.

Establishing an Effective Safety Committee

Safety committees can be an effective method of enhancing employee engagement and participation in your daily business activities.

From Education to Employment

For eight years, the D. Samuels and Associates (DSA) firm has molded its position in construction by providing a niche of construction management projects to complement the Houston labor market.

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