Gainesville, Fla.— The National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) announces the 2011 release of the Rigger and Signal Person curricula.

NCCER worked with subject matter experts representing the industry from across the country to address the new OSHA 29 CFR part 1926 subpart CC ruling and introduce relevant industry material into the new books.

“The purpose of this curriculum is to provide updated training for Rigger and Signal Person trainees that includes the latest 1926.1400 requirements (Revised OSHA Construction

Standard),” said Paul Kuber, retired Mechanical Supervisor/Site Lift Specialist for ExxonMobil Refining and Supply Co., Baton Rouge, La. “This curriculum is an excellent source of information for students just entering the rigging trade as well as a refresher and reference for experienced riggers. I feel fortunate that I was asked to participate in the development of this curriculum with some of the crane and rigging industries most knowledgeable subject matter experts.” 

The NCCER rigging curricula is in a three-level format. The first level, Basic Rigger, consists of three modules, covers crane-related communications and the different types of rigging equipment and explains basic rigging practices. The second level, Intermediate Rigger, consists of four modules, includes a higher level of rigging practices (wire rope, boom assembly and disassembly) and the basic principles of cranes. The third level, Advanced Rigger, consists of three modules and covers advanced rigging practices, lift planning and personnel lifts. All three levels are now available.

The Signal Person curriculum meets the new industry regulations requiring trained and qualified signal persons, OSHA 29 CFR part 1926. To comply with those regulations, the curriculum covers basic principles of cranes and crane safety, in addition to hand and verbal communications. 

NCCER developed the Rigger and Signal Person curricula in partnership with leading textbook publisher, Pearson. Trainees successfully completing any level of Rigger and/or Signal Person through an NCCER Accredited Training Sponsor will earn industry-recognized training credentials verifiable through NCCER's Automated National Registry. For more information in these curricula and more, please visit

The following subject matter experts contributed to this curriculum: Phillip Allen, KBR, Inc.; Ted Blanton Sr., North American Crane Bureau, Inc.; Danny Bishop, The Crosby Group, Inc.; Michael Eggenberger, Bay LTD; Raymond Garner, Constellation Energy; Alan Jenkins, Miller & Long Concrete Construction; Anthony Johnson, Constellation Energy; Frank Jones, KBR, Inc.; Paul Kuber, retired from ExxonMobil; Bryan McClure, LPR Construction Company; Richard Nickel, Carolina Bridge, Inc.; Nelson Plumb, Crossland Construction Company, Inc.; Larry Proemsey, Skyview Construction & Engineering, Inc.; John Willis, Constellation Energy.