Gainesville, Fla.— The National Center for Construction Education and Research is proud to announce the development of a three-tiered Rigger Certification Program and a Signal Person Certification Program. 

The programs are designed to meet or exceed current and proposed standards and regulations that require certification for rigging and signaling personnel. Both programs are being designed for ANSI accreditation and follow ASME B30.5 Mobile and Locomotive Crane and ASME B30.3 Construction Tower Crane, as well as ANSI/ASSE A10.42-2000 standards. 

The Rigger Certification Program will consist of three levels of certifications: Basic Rigger, Intermediate Rigger, and Advanced Rigger. Each certification includes a written assessment and a practical exam, which both must be completed successfully for certification. The Basic Rigger Certification covers communications, basic crane operations, hoisting and rigging equipment, rigging practices, and safety. The Intermediate Rigger Certification builds on these skills and adds load lifting criteria to the skill set. The Advanced Rigger Certification covers both the Basic and Intermediate Rigger skills, as well as personnel lifting and lift planning.

The Signal Person Certification Program will test on hand signals and voice communications along with basic crane operations and limitations. These skills will be evaluated by a written assessment and a practical examination, both must be completed in order to obtain certification. 

The following subject matter experts contributed to the development of these certification programs: Phillip Allen, KBR; Ted Blanton Sr., North American Crane Bureau, Inc.; Michael Eggenberger, Bay LTD; Raymond Garner, Constellation Energy; Alan Jenkins, Miller & Long Concrete Construction; Anthony Johnson, Constellation Energy; Frank Jones, BE & K Construction Co.; Paul Kuber, retired from Exxon Mobil; Bryan McClure, LPR Construction Co.; Richard Nickel, Carolina Bridge, Inc.; Nelson Plumb, Crossland Construction Co., Inc.; Larry Proemsey, Skyview Construction & Engineering, Inc.; Randy Stephens, Austin Industrial Inc.; John Willis, Constellation Energy.