The construction industry continues to see an escalating demand for skilled field supervisors. Traditionally, the industry has identified craft professionals to move into supervisory positions, however, proper skill assessment and training has not always occurred as a part of this process.

Field supervisors drive the construction team toward effectiveness and efficiency, while stabilizing it with consistency and good judgment. To fill this role, field supervisors need more than experience in the field, and while many organizations offer supervisory training, the contents of their programs are not always consistent. NCCER’s Supervisor Assessment is an industry-recognized tool that can validate the skills supervisors have in regards to leadership, human relations, problem solving, quality control, estimating, planning, scheduling, resource control, communication, construction documents and safety. The assessment also sets a clear path for remediation, if needed.

In a joint effort between NCCER and Carolinas Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), NCCER’s Supervisor Assessment has recently been updated and is now endorsed by Carolinas AGC. NCCER made the announcement on Feb. 5 at the 94th annual Carolinas AGC Convention in the Bahamas. The two organizations collaborated to evaluate, improve and align the assessment to both NCCER’s Project Supervision curriculum and to Carolinas AGC’s Project Super VISION training program. Carolinas AGC provided subject matter expertise from their member contractors as well as from Central Piedmont Community College, which also offers Project Super VISION training.  

“The Supervisor Assessment assures employers that their supervisors have been validated against an industry standard to manage field operations,” said Don Whyte, president of NCCER. “Building on NCCER’s longstanding relationship with Carolinas AGC and having them participate in the update of our written assessment and Performance Verification has benefited the program greatly. Our goal is to have more organizations and contractors endorse the Supervisor Assessment and, ultimately, evolve it into a consensus credential, making it a common link for supervisory skills validation.”

“The Supervisor Assessment and Performance Verification utilize real-world scenarios that field supervisors face regularly, preparing them to effectively and efficiently manage all aspects of the work,” said Christa Davenport, committee chair for Carolinas AGC Project Super VISION. “This assessment, along with the corresponding training material and classes, levels the playing field by ensuring a strong understanding and application of the foundational skills required for successful field management. The assessment adds credibility to our training curriculum and programs, while directly impacting the heart of the construction industry.”

NCCER credentials are awarded to eligible candidates for passing either the written assessment or Performance Verification components. Completion of both components results in a Certified Plus credential, the highest achievement awarded by NCCER. To find out how your organization can become an endorser, or to have your management training program aligned to NCCER’s Supervisor Assessment, visit or contact NCCER at 888.622.3720.