ALACHUA, Florida — In an effort to streamline and automate the credential submittal process for craft instructors, NCCER will release its Testing Management Systemfor all NCCER Accredited Training Sponsors on Jan. 15. The new system alleviates the administrative burdens that NCCER Accredited Training Sponsors, Accredited Training and Education Facilities (ATEFs) and instructors encounter when manually submitting training completions for credentials.

While use of the Testing Management System is optional, it comes with many benefits, including ease of setting up classes and adding student rosters, online module testing, multiple test forms, automatic scoring of module exams, easy reporting of performance profile completions, electronic record storage, automatic submissions to NCCER’s Registry, quicker credential processing and easy navigation. In addition, the system’s web-based platform does not require any special software or hardware, and it can be accessed from a desktop, laptop or tablet device.

Previous processes required craft instructors to generate, administer and score their own tests and then complete submittal documentation for all module exams. The new, online system makes setting up classes and adding students much easier for instructors and eliminates the need for paper-based testing by instructors.

The system also includes electronic scoring with test results available to instructors within minutes of a student completing his or her module exam. In addition, electronic record storage within the Testing Management System relieves the need for instructors to maintain paper module exam and Form 200 records. Instructors can now report completed Performance Profiles directly into the system. Module exam and performance profile results are automatically reported to NCCER’s registry. This process eliminates the requirement for instructors to complete an NCCER Form 200 and submit it to their sponsor representatives for approval. Additionally, this process allows for quicker credential processing, because instructors no longer have heavy administrative processes or the need to go through their Accredited Training Sponsors to submit training paperwork.

In August, NCCER had the opportunity to roll out the Testing Management System in Florida. The new system has been utilized by nearly 200 secondary and postsecondary NCCER ATEFs throughout the state, and 18,000 module exams have been administered since the release.

“We have been very pleased with the Testing Management System,” said Rick Reeder, associate dean for trade and industry at Palm Beach State College. “The system gives us rapid results that help us administer training for large numbers of students with a high degree of accuracy.”

NCCER is hosting several live webinars prior to the Jan. 15 release date to introduce the new system. To sign up, send an email to with your name, organization, phone number and the date you wish to attend. The complete webinar schedule is available at

Interested organizations can receive pricing information and sign up for the Testing Management System beginning Jan. 15 through their NCCER Accredited Training Sponsors. For more information, please contact NCCER at 888.622.3720 and ask for Testing Management System customer service.