ALACHUA, Fla. — NCCER continues to develop and enhance its construction craft training programs with the release of revised curricula for Carpentry Level 4Instrumentation Level 1Masonry Level 3 and Plumbing Levels 3 and 4.

Carpentry Level 4 (5th Ed.) was revised to include a new objective-based layout and to reflect the latest technology, tools and techniques of the trade. The elective module on oxyfuel cutting and arc welding was modified to serve as a primer for carpentry trainees. The scope of the module “Introduction to Light Equipment,” now called “Introduction to Construction Equipment,” was broadened to cover various types of construction equipment.

Instrumentation Level 1 (3rd Ed.) is now available in color and with new and updated graphics. The curriculum has been restructured to better suit the needs of trainees and also reflects the newest technology used in the industry.

With the support of the Mason Contractor Association of America, Masonry Level 3 (4th Ed.) is available in full color and includes a new layout to better align with learning objectives. There are also new end-of-section review questions along with enhancements to text, graphics and special features to reflect advancements in masonry technology and techniques.

Two new modules have been added to Plumbing Level 3 (4th Ed.). “Sizing and Protecting the Water Supply System” includes information on how to size water supply piping and information on backflow prevention, and “Service Plumbing” focuses on servicing fixtures, valves, appliances and piping systems. Plumbing Level 4 (4th Ed.) includes a new module, “Introduction to Medical Gas and Vacuum Systems,” which provides information on the systems used in health care facilities, as outlined in National Fire Protection Association’s Health Care Facilities Code. The new module also provides information on the professional qualifications required to work on medical gas and vacuum systems, as outlined in ASSE/IAPMO/ANSI Series 6000, Professional Standard for Medical Gas Systems Personnel. 

Starting in April, an Instructor’s Copy for each Trainee Guide will be available. This full-color book will include the Trainee Guide, comprehensive lesson plans and an access code for the Instructor Resource Center. With that code, instructors can download digital versions of lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, exams and Performance Profiles. The Instructor’s Copy will be produced for newer titles that do not have an Annotated Instructor’s Guide. The lesson plans include step-by-step instructional outlines, learning objectives, teaching times and tips, safety considerations and equipment lists. In turn, the enhanced PowerPoint presentations are fully integrated with the lesson plans and also feature new images, key talking points, instructor notes and additional slides with graphics for instructor customizations.

NCCER develops and publishes its curricula in partnership with leading textbook publisher Pearson. A team of subject matter experts representing industry and academia contribute to the development of training curricula to ensure they meet or exceed industry standards. Individuals who successfully complete these training programs through an NCCER Accredited Training Sponsor will earn industry-recognized credentials through the NCCER Registry System. NCCER curricula comply with the Department of Labor’s Office of Apprenticeship requirements for time-based training.