Creating Your Very Own Talent Pipeline

For years, talent was available whenever construction companies were ready to hire. Filling those open positions today is a much larger task that involves more time and a concentrated effort, both due to industry growth and workers’ interest in other fields.

Building your own talent pipeline involves developing relationships with key people and networks who may serve to help you fill future roles. When you have a group of prospective applicants waiting in the wings, you can significantly reduce the costs and time associated with hiring while being proactive instead of reactive in your approach. But how do you get started?

This must-read playbook outlines innovative ways to build a continuous stream of qualified workers. It will teach you:

  • What students and up-and-coming workers want from their careers.

  • Why engaging school counselors is the key to building a talent pipeline.

  • Specific ways to educate counselors on the benefits of working in the construction industry.


Download the Playbook