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Construction is all around us. With projects opening and closing in different locations all the time, companies and their workers need to be mobile. While most professionals in the industry appreciate the opportunity to travel and see the country, or even the world, planning to relocate to a new area temporarily can be difficult. At Saulsbury, we try to come up with creative solutions that benefit both our employees and the cities we live in. In 2018, Saulsbury was awarded a project to build a cryogenic gas plant in Balmorhea, Texas. Balmorhea is a remote location located near the Texas Big Bend Country. The city is so small, it lacked a strong local infrastructure and the remote location made employee housing particularly challenging. With a huge project coming, we needed to find a solution. As we attempted to solve the problem, we met with many local land and business owners and finally reached a solution — partner with local residents. We decided to partner with several local owners of RV Parks and made a financial commitment to enhance or expand the locally owned parks’ capacity. With the funding from Saulsbury, the RV Parks were expanded, and contracts were signed guaranteeing that for the duration of our project, we would fill their parks to capacity. It was a win-win solution, we were able to give Saulsbury employees (with mobile homes and trailers) a safe and clean place to live while working on the project. And once the project was completed, the local business owners had expanded facilities to rent out to other customers.
20896584492_7ceb7227e3_o-350x350 "Spring Fed Pool in Balmorhea, Texas" by Gina Pina is licensed under CC BY 2.0. Though remote, Balmorhea is home to a very popular state park operated by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. One of the main attractions of the park is a 3.5-million-gallon spring-fed natural swimming pool that draws thousands of visitors annually. Many of those visitors are in need of RV spaces during their stay, and the expansion of the RV parks was a welcome addition by the local business owners. By encouraging visitors to visit with their RVs, the local infrastructure and the RV parks can grow. Overall, our partnership with the Balmorhea community helped improve the local economy and expand their infrastructure long term. By working with them to help solve our housing problem, we were able to come up with a solution that created housing for ourselves while benefiting the community long term. Additionally, we were able to make a $100,000 donation to the Texas Park and Wildlife Foundation that will be matched dollar-for-dollar by Apache Corporation. The money was used to repair the spring-fed pool at Balmorhea State Park, which closed after a part of the pool wall collapsed. The donation to the park and expansion of the RV parks echoes our commitment to support the communities where our employees live and work. Throughout our history, we have provided support to communities through in-kind donations, volunteer services and monetary support.

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Marty Kunz

Marty Kunz joined Saulsbury Industries in 2017 as Vice President, Human Resources. Marty has over 24 years of human resources experience. Marty holds...

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