Top 11 Reasons Why Contractors Should Hire Veterans

Each year, between 240,0CNISCUSA00 and 360,000 service members separate from the military. The U.S. has the most highly trained military force in the world, sustained by individuals who have skill sets with enormous breadth and depth. With the skills and commitment our military veterans carry, they are ideal candidates for the construction industry as we seek to build a stronger workforce. Our industry values hard work, training, ethics and motivation in our craft professionals and these values readily exist among our military men and women. Here are the top 11 reasons why contractors should hire veterans: 1. Veterans have the proven ability to learn new skills and concepts. 2. The military trains personnel to lead by example, direction, delegation and inspiration. Veterans understand leadership hierarchy. 3. Veterans value teamwork. Military experience blends individual and group productivity. 4. Veterans have learned to work alongside individuals regardless of origin and background. 5. Veterans understand the rigors of a tight schedule, even under high levels of stress, and they can plan for contingencies. 6. Veterans respect accountability. They understand policies and procedures that enable an organization to function and grow. 7. Veterans understand the value of an honest day’s work. Many of their workdays last 20 hours or longer in order to complete a mission. 8. Veterans value good health due to mission requirements, resulting in fewer lost days and reduced health costs. The military health system is designed around prevention instead of reaction. 9. Many veterans have triumphed over great adversity through strength and determination to better themselves and the country. 10. Veterans value training and have taken aptitude tests to determine their best career options. Those test scores are available to employers. 11. Veterans look for the opportunity to be a part of something larger than themselves. Construction offers the opportunity for Veterans to take pride in their work and employers. Through NCCER’s Build Your Future (BYF) initiative, the industry has partnered with the U.S. Department of Labor to create a fast track for veterans to find careers in construction. Contractors can register their career opportunities at Contractors can also use BYF’s Military Crosswalk to identify how Military Occupational Skill (MOS) codes align with specific craft professions. This Veterans day, I encourage all contractors to place and train a veteran in their company.


Chris Newton

Chris Newton is the workforce development coordinator for Cajun Industries, LLC. A retired Navy Senior Enlisted Leader, Chris is also an HR...

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