A Culture of Quality

Ironworker Class of 2020When companies are committed to the safety, education and growth of their employees, a positive energy resonates throughout their entire workforce. And yes, it’s contagious. A steadfast commitment to high standards of safety and quality begins inside the classroom. As material is learned, skills are honed and credentials are earned, aspiring craft professionals begin to forge the connection between textbook material and real world application, leaving them with a finely tuned, career-ready skill set. Just like the name suggests, Quality Steel Services is no exception. On March 24th, Quality Steel Services, an SESAC (Steel Erection Safety Association of Colorado) member based in Loveland, Colorado, sent seven of its finest young men on a three-year journey. These seven apprentices will be attending one eight hour class a month for the next three years until they complete their NCCER journeyman ironworker apprenticeship. Quality Steel Services has always shown a fervent dedication to its employees. Just drive by one of their projects some time and without even going onsite you know that Quality Steel is a cut above. From the street, you will see their orange elevated BeamSafe horizontal lifeline posts and all of their employees tied off 100% of the time above six feet. In the first quarter of 2017, Quality Steel had their entire journeyman workforce sit for the NCCER Journeyman Ironworker assessment so they could obtain their portable journeyman ironworker credentials. When companies make this type of commitment to advance the careers and skills of their employees, it elevates the project sites and the industry as a whole. Scott Seppers, a consultant for MSC Safety Solutions said, “I love going to a Quality Steel site to perform a safety audit. Their ironworkers are always smiling and happy and it makes my job easy. Their employees have bought in because they know the company cares about them.” At the conclusion of the first class on March 24th, the apprentices were given a 20 question closed-book test on the fastening module just covered in class. Every one of them passed with As. When Grant Edwards, Safety and Training Officer for Quality Steel was informed of this he said, “I feel like one proud papa!” In any craft training program, it is critical that there is a collaborative culture fostering the best learning opportunities possible. Safety, training, productivity, and most importantly, quality, is what this premiere steel erector brings to the table every single day, and SESAC is proud to have Quality Steel Services as a member. So what can the entire industry learn from Quality Steel aside from the power of a great name? The potential of our workforce thrives when the support and push from industry leaders and educators is there from the very beginning. 


Bryan McClure

Bryan McClure is a Senior Consultant for MSC Safety Solutions and has been a member of SEAA since 1992. Bryan has served as a SEAA Board Director...

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