5 Ways to Improve Your Recruitment Presentation

Presenting can be tough. Recruiting can be tougher. For those not born with natural public speaking abilities, talking in front an audience can be extremely nerve-racking. However, one of the best ways to become a great public speaker and recruiter, is to find ways to improve your skills and your presentation. Maybe this isn’t the next “I Have a Dream” speech, but there are lots of small things you can do to grab your audience’s attention and urge them to join your company. Here are five ways to improve your recruitment presentation to help find the next generation of craft professionals: 1. Involve the audience Do not make your audience feel like a bystander. Find ways to keep the audience active and interested during the presentation. Maybe this means, spend less time talking — and allot more time for your audience to listen, comprehend and respond. When an audience member feels like they are a part of the presentation, they are less likely to lose focus. Ask questions, create a discussion or play a game. Utilize these tactics. The goal is for your audience to interact with you and the material and for you to confirm that the message being delivered is understood. 2. Be enthusiastic When you are presenting your material, remember to be excited! If you are not enthusiastic, why should the audience be? Your first 30 seconds are critical. Although the average attention span of an audience is about 20 minutes, if the first words you speak aren’t captivating — your audience members could quickly divert their attention elsewhere. Develop a solid introduction and present it with excitement. Being enthusiastic doesn’t mean throwing hand gestures, raising your voice or other actions that appear forced. When thinking about enthusiasm, think confidence. It is noticeable to others. Regardless of how you feel, when you present with confidence and an enthusiastic manner, the message will come across and you will grab the attention of your audience. 3. Use examples There are three types of examples: 1. Brief 2. Extended 3. Hypothetical Choose one, two or all and integrate it into the presentation. Find ways to communicate the idea in a way the audience will remember. Help them understand and relate to the key points of the presentation. Integrate outside materials such as video, photographs or stories to help support your presentation and give your audience something to visualize. This is an opportunity to share a success story or discuss a recent project that you and the company you work for has completed. Young audiences want to know what you’ve done, how you’ve done it and what the benefits are. 4. Include a call to action A call to action (CTA) is a statement designed to get an immediate response from the person hearing or seeing your message. It is asking the question: What do I want the audience to do next? For a sales promotion, guiding customers to the “Buy Now!” button would be the most obvious answer. But when it comes to presentations, how do you initiate the next step? Give them information. Tell the audience how to get in contact with you, offer them a visit to the company’s location, sign them up for your email list and much more. Remember: In the construction industry, over 369,000 jobs are open and ready to be filled by skill professionals. As a recruiter, company or educational facility, when presenting the topic of construction to an audience, the purpose is to fill those open positions in the field. The CTA is getting those individuals interested enough to contact your company, go through training and find and perfect their craft profession. 5. Practice You know the saying: Practice makes perfect. A presentation will only be as good as you make it. Take the time to know the format, prepare the examples and be confident in the execution. Practicing provides the opportunity to apply the knowledge, see what works and put it together. Learn from your work and trust that after the rehearsal period, the final product will be worth it. Construction Recruitment Resources Recruitment-PPT-313x220When visiting a classroom, career fair or wherever your recruitment takes you, it helps to have some complimentary materials for your presentation. NCCER’s recruitment initiative, Build Your Future, has a number of resources available for industry recruiters, including a presentation PowerPoint template. Download the PPT, fill it out with your logos and information, and check out the notes for ideas on how to develop your presentation.  


Deanna Quintana

Deanna Quintana, originally from Las Vegas, is a graduate from the University of Florida holding a Bachelor of Science in public relations and a...

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