NCCER Releases Updated Curricula for Project Management, Pipefitting and Maritime

NewTitles_072019-PressRelease-350x350ALACHUA, Fla. — NCCER recently released the following curricula: Project Management; Pipefitting Levels 1 – 4; Maritime Electrical Levels 1 – 4; Maritime Welding Levels 1 – 3; and Maritime Aluminum Welding. Project Management and Pipefitting now offer downloadable lesson plans, and all of the curricula provides ADA-compliant PowerPoint presentations, which are organized by modules.

Project Management has been updated with current information on legal policies that impact an organization, including issues surrounding disabled workers, sexual harassment, gender and minority discrimination, child labor laws and more. In addition, information has been added regarding the most common categories of workplace injuries, non-verbal communication, and the laws of employee recruitment and interviewing. Of note is the examination regarding reasons to have an effective safety program and the detrimental results of not having one in place.   

Pipefitting Levels 1 - 4 have been revised with updated images and additional clarifying content for each concept. New information includes instructions regarding how to cut out a butt weld or socket weld to save a fitting, pipe or valve; in addition, a new performance task has been added regarding this topic. Other updates include the expansion of safety details with regards to the national Call Before You Dig campaign and the incorporation of content related to steam traps, previously in module “Steam Traps” (08404-07), into the module “In-Line Specialties” (08405).

Maritime Electrical, Maritime Welding and Maritime Aluminum Welding were all constructed in partnership with the National Maritime Education Council. Maritime subject matter experts built the curricula utilizing NCCER Electrical and Welding modules applicable to the shipbuilding and ship repair industries. 

A team of subject matter experts, representing both industry and academia, contributed to the development of the training curricula to ensure they meet or exceed industry standards. The authoring committee responsible for making these changes included 43 subject matter experts with representatives from the following:

Project Management — Austin Industrial; Clemson University; Construction Services Enterprise; FMI Corporation; Gaylor, Inc.; Hubbard Construction Company; Linc Network, LLC; Lincoln Educational Services; M.C. Dean, Inc.; Professional Safety Associates; Sundt Construction; Tansey & Associates, Inc.; and Zachry Construction Corporation.

Pipefitting — Bechtel; Cianbro; Fluor; KBR; McAllen Careers Institute; Sundt Construction, Inc.; TIC - The Industrial Company; and Turner Industries.

Maritime Electrical — Austal USA; Bollinger Shipyards; General Dynamics; Huntington-Ingalls, Ingalls Shipbuilding; Huntington-Ingalls, Newport News Shipbuilding; Técnico Corporation; and Vigor.

Maritime Welding and Maritime Aluminum Welding — Austal USA; Bollinger Shipyards; Continental Maritime of San Diego; Huntington-Ingalls, Ingalls Shipbuilding; and Técnico Corporation.

NCCER develops and distributes its curricula in partnership with leading textbook publisher Pearson and ensures that it complies with the Department of Labor’s Office of Apprenticeship requirements for time-based training. Individuals who successfully complete these training programs through an NCCER Accredited Training Sponsor will earn industry-recognized credentials through the NCCER Registry System. To learn more about NCCER curricula and purchasing options, visit

About NCCER — NCCER is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) education foundation created by the construction industry to develop standardized curriculum with portable credentials and to help address the skilled construction workforce shortage. NCCER is recognized by the industry as the training, assessment, certification and career development standard for the construction and maintenance craft professional. For more information, visit or contact NCCER customer service at 888.622.3720.


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