Important Pipeline Transition Information

NCCER has completely revised its pipeline program. The new program is currently available and all pipeline users should be in the process of switching over.

UPDATE: the last day to submit under the old qualification methods is October 2, 2017

Starting October 3, 2017 you will no longer be able to do the following:

  • Use NCCER assessments, performance verifications (PVs) or old module tests for Operator Qualification (OQ)
  • Download module tests from the Instructor Resource Center (IRC)
  • Submit Form 200s (Registration of Training Modules)

Note: This does not affect the 36 month renewal timeline for qualifications

New Covered Task-Based Operator Qualification (OQ)

  • NCCER has broken down all 127 NCCER covered tasks into individual modules with training, written module tests and performance profiles
    • Performance profiles are a list of required tasks used to verify skills (these are used for performance tests)
  • NCCER’s revised covered task list:
    • Complies with American Petroleum Institute's (API's), Recommended Practice 1161 3rd edition
    • Incorporates tasks deleted by API, including gas
    • Includes general as well as task-specific Abnormal Operating Conditions and industry-requested covered tasks (i.e. FB, TB)
  • NCCER and ISN worked with operators to update their covered tasks to NCCER’s new qualification methods
NOTE: Only the Operator can determine whether they require written, performance or both tests for OQ.
NCCER cannot make this determination; it is up to you to get the operator requirements.

New Operator Qualifications Policies & Procedures

  • Written module tests and their accompanying performance profiles are the only OQ methods NCCER will offer
  • The written module tests can only be accessed and delivered through the NCCER Testing System
  • The module performance profiles can be downloaded from the NCCER website or the IRC and can only be submitted through the NCCER Testing System
  • Only tests submitted through the NCCER Testing System will be sent to ISN
  • All organizations offering OQ must be an Accredited Training Sponsor to use the NCCER Testing System and submit for OQ qualifications
  • The NCCER Retest policy has been changed to a one day waiting period for Pipeline, no exceptions (For example: a test taken at 5:00 pm on a Monday can be retaken at 8:00 am on Tuesday)