Remote Proctoring FAQs


What is NCCER offering to assist with craft module tests for those who can no longer meet with their classes in person?

  • Temporary remote proctoring of craft module tests (knowledge only)

    • Does not apply to performance tests

    • Does not apply to NCCER journey-level assessments

    • Online testing system is required for remote proctoring 

    • Paper tests cannot be done remotely

  •   Dates available: April 6 – December 31, 2020

Requirements to participate: 

The following questions are based on our recent informational webinars and have been categorized into common topics.


Are there specific times I have to do the remote testing?
Monday – Friday between 7:00 AM and 9 PM Eastern time.

What if I need to test outside the provided hours?
Please email your requests to and title it Testing Time Exception Request.

Does the online testing system scramble the test questions or is it the same test for each test-taker?
All tests generated by the testing system are scrambled and drawn from a larger bank.

How many students can be proctored at the same time?
There is a 15 student limit based on how many students can reasonably be monitored at the same time remotely. 

What if I have more than 15 students?
The NCCER online testing system dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes for a class to complete a test; therefore making it easier to test more students in the same amount of time.

How much advance notice do I need to give NCCER before a scheduled testing session?

  • NCCER needs a minimum of 24 hours (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays) advance notice for scheduled testing sessions.

  • Requests to test outside our normal hours should be submitted to NCCER as soon as possible so that we can coordinate schedules for our auditing team.

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What online meeting platform is required to utilize this remote proctoring option?
NCCER is not requiring a particular online meeting platform; however you need to check with your school or organization to see what is approved and can be supported through your IT department. NCCER cannot provide IT support for the platform. You will need to make sure that the platform you are using has the minimum requirements listed below: 

  • Recording capabilities (i.e Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting)

  • Computer or tablet with built-in camera/web cam

  • Appropriate audio 

  • Appropriate storage for recorded testing sessions (instructor/proctor only)

What is the approximate file size for a testing session?
NCCER is unable to provide an estimate since the file size can be affected by many variables such as how many test-takers are participating, video/audio quality, how long the testing session lasts, etc.

If students try to open another tab they are kicked from the test. Can the testing system and the remote meeting platform windows be open simultaneously?

  • Yes, the testing system and the remote meeting platform windows can be open at the same time.

  • Remote meetings should be started before any tests are authorized so that the proctor can validate identification of test takers, check camera angles, and read the proctor script.

  • Once a test-taker is ready to begin, the remote meeting platform can run in the background for the duration of the test. As long as the test-taker does not click away from the testing screen the remote session will not trigger the test to pause.

  • The Testing System will pause a test if the test-taker navigates away from the testing screen (switching to another tab or app, opening a new browser, clicking outside of the testing screen).

Can the proctor have two apps open side by side in order to run the remote meeting platform and keep the Testing System open?
Only test-takers are paused if they switch to another tab/program. The proctor can be active in both the Testing System and the remote meeting platform at the same time.

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Who gets recorded? The proctor or the students or both?

  • The meeting host (proctor/instructor) should have the option to enable recording at the beginning of the meeting.

  • Both the proctor and test-taker faces will be recorded during the testing session.

Why do we need to record our testing session if NCCER will be auditing each one live?

  • Live auditors will log into each testing session, but they will not be present from start to finish for every session.

  • We have received hundreds of requests for access to remote testing and anticipate that many testing sessions will be occurring at the same time. 

  • Auditors will use recorded sessions to view the entire testing session from start to finish.

How and where do we submit the recorded sessions?

  • You will share a link to the recorded testing session to our secure email address (provided during the training webinar). Please do not submit recording files to NCCER.

Will all training need to be recorded or just knowledge testing?  

  • Only remote proctored testing sessions need to be recorded and submitted to NCCER. 

  • NCCER is not requiring that remote training sessions be recorded or submitted.

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Under FERPA requirements, we are not allowed to record students. What should we do?
Schools should first check with their principal to see if any concessions have been made at their district or state level during this time to allow for recording. If no concessions have been made, please send an email with the title – FERPA Requirements. Please include the school/testing location name (as it appears in the Registry System), instructor name(s) and NCCER card number(s) and a statement explaining why you are unable to record due to FERPA restrictions.

NCCER will not ask any school to record sessions where prohibited by law.

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How do we accommodate students with IEPs?

  • Any Read Aloud sessions will need to be one-on-one with only one test-taker at a time so that the entire class doesn’t hear the questions being read aloud while testing.

  • Read Aloud Options – The Testing System is compatible with most read aloud software. 

    • Existing Software - If your school/organization has a read-aloud application used with other testing or learning platforms, you should be able to use the same application with the NCCER Testing System.   

    • Device Applications - Many devices have a built-in read aloud option that can be applied from the device itself. 

    • Free Applications - NCCER has found 2 free applications that you may be able to use: 

    • In Person - A certified NCCER curriculum proctor can read test questions aloud in a one-on-one environment. 

      • The proctor and test-taker should start a remote meeting with no other test-takers invited.

      • The test-taker should share their screen so that the proctor can view and read the test questions aloud.

      • Tests must be read exactly as written. The person reading may not change, alter, explain, or translate the question or answers.

  • Additional testing time

    • The proctor has the ability to add time to an individual test-taker’s session. This function will be covered during the proctor training video.

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How will Sponsor Reps know which of their instructors are using remote proctoring? 
NCCER will provide email notification to Sponsor Representatives when individuals under their organization are provisioned for remote proctoring.

Can Sponsor Reps be invited to the remote testing sessions held by their instructors?
NCCER does not require that Sponsor Representatives be invited to remote proctoring sessions. We recommend that you work directly with your instructors/proctors if you want to be invited to remote testing sessions. 

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Who can proctor remote online testing?
NCCER Master Trainers, NCCER Certified Instructors and Curriculum Proctors

Can I certify instructors and proctors virtually?
Yes, you can provide the training virtually by following the steps below:

  1. Order your materials via (ICTP and ACTP)

  2. Conduct certification training using an online meeting platform (including presentation)

  3. Conduct certification testing via NCCER’s online testing system (utilizing remote proctoring guidelines)

Does everyone who will be proctoring remotely need to watch the training video?

  • Yes, the training video has to be watched in its entirety by each individual who will be remote proctoring. It will teach how to remotely proctor NCCER module tests (knowledge only) and how to use the online testing system which is required for remote proctoring. It also generates an eligibility document that has to be signed in order for the person to be approved to utilize remote proctoring. 

  • Each individual has to commit to the security measures in order to maintain the integrity of our tests and the document will serve as a record of their commitment.

How do we make sure we get the eligibility document to sign?
Everyone who completes the training video receive either an email with the form to complete or an email letting them know that NCCER will be contacting them to get further information.

How soon will I get the eligibility document after watching the training video? 
Once you watch the training video and NCCER verifies you are a certified instructor and/or proctor in the registry, you will receive the email. This should occur within two business days or less.

If we are already using the online testing system, do we need to watch the training video?
Yes, the training video will start with how to proctor remotely and then cover how to use the online testing system.

If we are already certified proctors or instructors do we need any additional certifications to use the remote proctor program?
No, but you will need to watch the training video.

Will I be able to proctor tests that are not in my craft area? (i.e. – I am an HVAC instructor, will I be able to remote proctor for our electrical program?)
Yes, certified instructors can proctor other craft tests. No specific craft knowledge is required for proctors.

Can I test my own students remotely?
Yes, you can test your own students as long as your district and/or state allows that in their procedures. We work with a few states that do not allow the people teaching the curriculum to also do the testing. That is not an NCCER policy rather a district or state requirement.

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Which courses/tests are available on the online testing system?
All NCCER curriculum titles are available in the online testing system

Do we need to print anything for our records to keep for these online tests?
No, the online testing system stores all the necessary information.

If we are a current user of the online testing system, do we schedule tests in the system as normal? 
Yes, you will follow the same process as normal to assign tests. However, you will need to follow the new guidelines for remote proctoring sessions.

We have purchased credits already; will the system pull from those paid credits or will it leave those alone and default to the free option?
NCCER will not invoice for any craft tests conducted between April 6 – May 15, 2020.

Does online testing require setup through NCCERconnect?

  • No, NCCERconnect is a platform through our publishing partner, Pearson, to provide online training options. The testing system is an NCCER system that works directly with our registry system. 

  • You can utilize NCCERconnect for your training, but your students will still have to login into the testing system during the time you have scheduled tests so you can monitor the session.

Does the testing system have a lockdown browser feature?
Yes, the Testing System will pause a test if the test taker navigates away from the testing screen (switching to another tab or app, opening a new browser, clicking outside of the testing screen).

Can I test one student at a time?
You can test 15 or less students at a time. All testing sessions must be recorded and submitted to NCCER.

Will the students go to the same NCCER site and login that they have previously been going to when they take the online test at home?
Yes, the test taker login is the same:

What is the cost to use the NCCER online testing system after May 15th?

  • Option One: Annual Subscription (pre-payment model)

    This option allows organizations to pay in advance based on estimated per student enrollments per year. Customers can choose to pay at the time of purchase or within 30 days of choosing the option in the shop. These annual subscriptions cover all craft module tests, including translated tests. The only exclusion to the subscription model is pipeline tests. (The name or NCCER card number of the student does NOT need to be listed at time of purchase – each single subscription can be used for any one person.)

    Secondary school subscriptions - $20.00 per student for the year running from August 1 to June 30.

    Non high school annual subscriptions - $24.00 per student for 12 months from the date the customer indicates their classes will begin.

  • Option Two: Per Test

    This option is paid on a monthly basis and is based on the number of tests used within that month. These prices include translated tests, but do not include pipeline tests. Customers will check the box on the shop signifying they want to be billed monthly per tests used.

    $2.25 per test – Nonprofits, schools and correctional facilities

    $2.60 per test – Business and industry

  • Test do not expire, are not assigned in advance to one particular student, and are not invoiced until a test is used.

  • Test purchases can carry over between classes or instructors at the same testing location.

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Will instructors have access to the pool of test questions prior to training or testing? 
You will not have the questions, but all questions are based on the objectives in each module and the training prescription for each student will show you which portion of the content the questions came from.

Is there a way to see only the students results that I tested without having to go to another window to search for them?
The testing system shows results for all tests completed under your location. There are several ways to sort and filter the data to get just the information you need. These options will be covered in the training video.

Can I see student scores or just if they pass or fail? Can I see results for students that score less than 70?
You can view all student scores in the testing system, regardless of whether the results are pass or training recommended.

How do instructors receive feedback in case a student does not pass and needs content review?
All score reports include a training prescription with section references for the areas where additional study is recommended.

If we begin using the online testing system now, can we continue with the system after May 15th
Yes, the NCCER online testing system is always available.

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What is the retest policy for the online testing system? 
The system enforces a 2-day waiting period before a student can retake the same title.

If students did not pass a paper test, can they retest online?
Yes, students who did not pass a paper test can retest online.

What about recording the retest if they do not make 70 or above?
All remote proctored sessions must be recorded, including retesting.

When students retest, is it EXACTLY the same exam they are given?  Does the computer mix up the questions, or provide different questions mixed in with prior test questions?
The system generates a unique scrambled test for every test session from a larger bank of questions.

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How do we use the registry system to complete the Registration and Release form for students?

  • If you already have signed Registration and Release forms for students, you do not need an additional release from them for online testing.

  • An individual test-taker can activate their profile in the Registry system and check the box for release form, this is equivalent to the filling out the paper form

How do I get the test completions into the Registry? Do I still have to fill out a Form 200?
No, you do not need to submit completions to the Registry. The testing system automatically scores tests and submits results to the registry.

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PERFORMANCE PROFILES (end of module performance tests)

Can module Performance Profiles be conducted virtually?
No, at this time, Performance Profiles need to be conducted in person.

Do Performance Profiles need to be conducted at the same time as the knowledge tests?
No. Performance Profiles can be conducted at a later date. The successful knowledge test completion will show in the Registry as a partial completion and students can complete the performance when they are able to safely meet with their Instructor or Performance Evaluator.

If students are able to do performance tests this summer or in the fall, can they still receive the credential?
Yes. Once they take the knowledge test, it will show as a partial completion in the Registry. When they finish the performance, it will complete the credential. There is no time limit to get the performance done since knowledge completions do not expire in the Registry.

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Are tests available in Spanish in the online testing system?
Yes, we have Spanish tests available for curricula that has been translated into Spanish.

What if the title I need does not have a Spanish test available?

  • If a Spanish test is not available in the system, the student will need to take the English test.

  • English tests cannot be translated into another language by instructors, proctors or students. 

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Can pipeline tests be given remotely?
Yes. The same requirements for remote proctoring apply to pipeline testing as well. However, pipeline tests will continue to be invoiced at the normal rate.  

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