Virtual Training FAQs

Virtual Training Options Available Through NCCERI have never taught an online course. Are there any resources to help me get started?
Yes, you can view Virtual Training Tips on the Virtual Training page. Pearson has also created an online learning portal with resources for online learning.

Is NCCERconnect free?
Yes, instructors receive free access to NCCERconnect, which includes the eText. Student NCCERconnect access codes are available for purchase.

Can NCCER training be offered virtually/online?
Yes, virtual/online training is an option. It is up to each accredited organization to determine specific virtual training options. You can locate an accredited organization by clicking here. (Link to Find a center map)

Can NCCER module tests be administered remotely?
Yes. Craft module tests (knowledge only) can be offered remotely via the NCCER online testing system. Click here to learn more about remote proctoring options.

Note: Performance profiles must continue to be conducted in-person only by a certified curriculum performance evaluator.

If I am a student, can I access the virtual/online curriculum on my own?
NCCER curriculum is available for individual purchase. NCCERconnect, however, is an instructor-led platform that requires a course to be set up into which individual students can register. EText options can be accessed by individual students once direction is given by the instructor. Do keep in mind, the module and performance tests that are given for each module to receive NCCER credentials are only offered only through an NCCER accredited training programs.

Can I scan or copy modules and email the pdf to my students?
No, all content is copyrighted. However, there are options like NCCERconnect and eTexts that can assist with providing access to students.

How do I get access to the available NCCER online curriculum?
Whether you choose NCCERconnect or eText, you will need to speak with your Pearson executive sales director to receive access codes.  

How long will it take for me to receive my access codes for NCCERconnect or eText?
Once you have spoken with your Pearson executive sales director (link to contact info) and chosen your online option, it will take approximately three business days to receive the access codes for your students/trainees.