Remote Proctoring: Note on Eligibility Requirements

If you received an email stating that you have not met the eligibility requirements for remote proctoring of module tests, an NCCER Representative will be contacting you to assist with your eligibility. You may move the process along more quickly if you go to the NCCER Registry and check on the questions listed below. If you do not have your user profile set up in the Registry, click here to set it up.

  • Are you listed as a current certified master trainer, curriculum proctor or instructor?
    To check, click on the Certifications tab.

  • Are you currently associated with an active accredited organization and is it the one you are currently working under?
    To check, click on the Associated Organizations tab and look for your Sponsor Organization.

  • As a sponsor, have you registered all of your training locations under your accreditation?
    Under ‘My Organization,’ check the Associated Organization tab.

  • On the webinar registration form, did you list the name of the school or training organization you are currently working under as it appears in the NCCER Registry?
    We will not be able to find acronyms like SFDC or find your school if you listed the school district or DOE.