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Construction Superintendent Certification Program


NCCER’s Construction Superintendent Certification Program prepares new and existing superintendents with the training they need to succeed. Created by a team of seasoned superintendents and experts in the field, this program speaks directly to the superintendent, helping them understand how to master the challenges they face on the job each day.

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Construction Superintendent Certification

Program Snapshot

The 16-course program assists contractors in developing and certifying qualified construction superintendent professionals who oversee the operations of a construction site, from planning to completion. This online program provides expert insight to learners, whether they are current project leaders looking to hone their skills, craft professionals seeking advancement, or recent graduates beginning their career.

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Construction Superintendent Certification Program

  • Creates convenient access to training for superintendent candidates, outside of traditional craft training or construction management programs – with a flexible self-paced online learning experience.
  • Enables companies to assess knowledge and skills of experienced construction superintendents through a rigorous assessment.
  • Sets up rising construction superintendents for success with managerial and soft leadership and communications skills, as well as an understanding of the business of construction.
  • Accelerates competency development so companies see increased project profitability, reduced project risk and better retention.

Contributing Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are a vital part of NCCER’s program development process. We would like to thank the following SMEs for writing and reviewing the course materials, providing jobsite photos, giving us permission to share their content, creating videos and sharing their expertise. You are the heart of this program, and we appreciate your drive and passion to help NCCER certify the next generation of construction superintendents.

View Subject Matter Experts

Adam Hoots, Lean Construction Shepherd, Construction ACHE Solutions

Alastair Boulding, Professor of Practice, Clemson University Department of Construction Science and Management

Andy Odell, Scheduler, CRB


Benj Van Donge, Director, Workforce Operations, Interstates

Bob Bertig, Manager, Project Management, Tampa Electric Company

Bob Seegmiller, Senior Project Engineer, Cianbro

Bradley Opell, Site Director, Gray Construction

Brian Collings, Senior Superintendent, McCarthy Building Company

Brian Roundtree, Director, Corporate Safety, The Haskell Company

Buddy Brumley, Senior Superintendent, Skiles Group


Carl Heinlein, Senior Safety Consultant, ACIG

Carla Thompson, Workforce Development Manager, Turner Industries

Carolyn Milliron, Director, Client Engagement, Exceed Safety, LLC

Chad Bradley, Vice President, Construction Division, Turner Industries

Christi Powell, WBE Lead, 84 Lumber

Christopher Cobb, Managing Partner, Cobb & Gonzalez, PA

Clay Kubicek, Owner, DTT Development

Construction Industry Institute (CII)

Construction Safety Research Alliance (CSRA) at the University of Colorado


Daniel Lund, Construction Lawyer, Partner, Phelps Dunbar, LLC

David Cook, President, Safety Solutions & Supply

Debbie Rodriguez, Owner, Quality Labor Management


Emerson Dority, Lean Superintendent, Gilbane Building Company

Emilie Bell, Assistant General Counsel, Sundt Construction

Engineering News-Record (ENR)


Harry Schmidt, Director, Business Strategy, O’Shea Builders

Heather Brown, Vice President, QA/QC, Irving Materials

Henry Nutt, Preconstruction Executive, Southland Industries

Holly Szakovits, Senior Manager, Corporate Development, Kwest Group

Howard Davis, Field Training Administrator, Brasfield & Gorrie


Jack Callahan, General Superintendent, WG Yates

James Shay, President & CEO, American Contractors Insurance Group (ACIG)

Jason Schroeder, President, Elevate Construction LeanTakt

Jeff Messer, Corporate Training Coordinator, ISC Constructors, LLC

Jeff Miller, Vice President, General Counsel, The Haskell Company

Jeff A. Miller, Dean of Instruction, Ridgewater College

Jennifer Castenson, Vice President, Ambassador & Partner Programs, BuildExact

Jessica Rhodes, Senior HR Generalist, M.C. Dean

Jim Leftwich, Project Superintendent, Retired, The Haskell Company

Joe Cook, Partner, Catalyst Construction

Joe Donarumo, Vice President, Field Operations, Linbeck Group

John Bolt, Vice President, HSE, S&B Family of Companies

Justin Uyar, Project Superintendent, Shelco, LLC     


Kabri Lehrman-Schmid, Project Superintendent, Hensel Phelps

Kevin Rice, Chief Visionary Officer, Elevate Construction LeanTakt

Kevin Kett, Director of Quality, The Haskell Company

Kimberly Spain, Senior Engineering Specialist Supervisor, Florida Department of Military Affairs

Kyle Potts, Senior Superintendent, Archer Western Construction


Leslee Montomery, Mental Wellness Architect, Humanology Partners


Manny Hoyo, Senior Superintendent, Skanska USA Building, Inc.

Mark Chadwick, Project Manager, Jacobs

Matt Brown, Senior Site Manager, Gray Construction

Matt Marino, Preconstruction Manager, Oelrich Construction

Matt Meaker, Vice President, Assistant General Counsel, Sundt Construction

Mike Biskie, Human Resources Director, B&I Contractors


National Safety Council (NSC)

Nick Clemens, Senior Superintendent, O’Shea Builders

Nick Guidry, Engagement Manager, Construction Career Collaborative


Paul Smith, Head of Training, Baker Construction Enterprises, Inc.



Ray Issa, UF Distinguished Professor & Director, University of Florida ME Rinker Sr School of Construction Management

Ricardo Menchaca, Craft Training Superintendent, Marek

Rick Craven, Superintendent, The Haskell Company

Ricky Buxton, General Superintendent, PPI Construction Management Company

Rob Hunt, Safety Consultant, ACIG

Rob Kaltenbach, Director, Quality, Gray Construction

Robert Deatherage, Global Industrial Relations Manager, Bechtel

Robin Renschen, Director, Learning & Development, McCarthy Building Company

Ron Duce, Sr. Project HR Manager, Kiewit & TIC

Ron Lindsay, Safety Consultant and Master Trainer, Palmer Engineering & Forensics

Ron Sokol, Advocacy & Governmental Affairs, Safety Council of Texas City

Ron Stuff, Sr. Vice President & General Counsel, Sundt Construction

Rudy Ramirez, Vice President, Human Performance and Development, Zachry Group

Ryan Ahern, Director of Field Operations, ReArch Company


Sabra Phillips, Director, Org & Talent Development, Marek

Scott Mims, Industrial Group HSE Manager, Sundt Construction

Sean B Ray, Vice President, Craft Workforce Development, Sundt Construction

Stacy Bell, Director of Human Resources, MOR PPM, Inc.

Stan Spence, Construction Manager, ISC Constructors, LLC

Steve Halverson, Retired Chairman & CEO, The Haskell Company 

Steven Derbyshire, Corporate Safety Director, S&B Family of Companies


Teresa Magnus, Principal Consultant, Magnus & Company

Tim Thompson, Superintendent-Training Program Director, Robertson Construction

Todd Miller, President, Bolt Construction

Tommy Weeks, Superintendent, Marek

Tracy Amos, Construction Superintendent, M.C. Dean

Trimble, Inc.


Vincent Rankin, Shelby Erectors, Steel Erectors Association of America

Program Components


Certification Assessment

  • Any participant who passes this rigorous program-level assessment and demonstrates four or more years of verifiable, qualified field experience earns the NCCER Construction Superintendent Certification. 

Robust Online Learning Courses

  • Each of the sixteen courses in the Construction Superintendent Certification Program engages participants with text, audio and “interview with the experts” videos that provide practical and actionable lessons on key topics. The courses also include:
    • Apply and Reflect Activities for participants to apply their learning and Tools You Can Use templates and guidelines that can be used on the job.
    • Continue Learning content for participants to deep dive into a topic.
    • Practice and Review questions for practice before taking the Construction Superintendent Certification Assessment.

Full course list is below.


Program Facilitator's Guide

  • Enables any organization, association or training center to deliver a facilitated program, supported by online learning. 
  • Allows your organization to add its own content to the program.

Online Courses

Courses can be taken in any order.

Leadership, Ethics, and Communication: Succeeding as Project Steward

In the Leadership, Ethics, and Communication: Succeeding as Project Steward course, you’ll examine your leadership role on a job site as superintendent. You’ll explore the connection between ethics and leadership, learn about the qualities and principles of leadership, and dive into the challenges of managing projects and people. You’ll examine the key role communication plays in effective leadership, and some of the specific communication challenges you’ll face as a superintendent. Finally, you’ll learn how to create your own personal leadership development plan.

Quality: Delivering Excellence

In the Quality: Delivering Excellence course, you’ll learn where to find the definitions of quality for your project and scope of work and how to apply quality requirements. You’ll recognize how you can build and support your team’s quality work as a project leader. Finally, you’ll have the management tools you need to support a quality culture on your projects.

Information Management: Delivering Accurate and Timely Information

In the Information Management: Delivering Accurate and Timely Information course, you’ll learn what information management means for you on a project team; how to identify important information; and how to document processes for information creation, storage, dissemination, review, and approval. You’ll also learn how a team develops an information management plan and how to clearly define the roles and responsibilities associated with every document, in addition to learning the capabilities of information management processes and tools.

Scheduling: Developing and Managing the Project Timeline

In the Scheduling: Developing and Managing the Project Timeline course, you’ll learn how to develop a schedule, use the schedule as a tool, and address schedule delays. You’ll also learn the purpose of schedule maintenance and reporting and analyze other uses for the schedule.

Work Planning: Ensuring Safe and Productive Workflow

From the Work Planning: Ensuring Safe and Productive Workflow course, you’ll be able to participate in preconstruction planning to ensure a design is constructable. You’ll master how to lead medium-range and short-term construction planning, breaking down the work into finer details as you go. You’ll be able to utilize your planning skills, knowledge base, and field experience to ensure the success of every project you lead.

Cost Control: Monitoring and Influencing Project Spend

In the Cost Control: Monitoring and Influencing Project Spend course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of estimating, cost control, project accounting, and cost reporting. You will learn how to review a cost report critically and to use earned value and productivity methods to help manage craft labor costs. You’ll also learn techniques like managing materials, logistics, and waste minimization to control and reduce project costs.

Contracts and Procurement: Understanding and Implementing Project Agreements

The Contracts and Procurement: Understanding and Implementing Project Agreements course covers the importance of contracts in any construction project, arming superintendents with the contract knowledge you need to protect both the project and the company. You’ll leave this course able to identify the advantages of each contract type. You’ll learn how each contract clause is related to the superintendent role. You’ll also understand how to manage procurement of equipment, materials, and subcontracts.

Resource Management: Optimizing People, Materials, and Equipment

The Resource Management: Optimizing People, Materials, and Equipment course covers key topics around project-level planning and the labor market, including assessing project labor needs and costs. It also provides strategies for managing equipment, tools, and material needs. Finally, the course covers the benefits of project training programs.

Human Resources: Building a Strong Team

The Human Resources: Building a Strong Team course covers the superintendent’s HR responsibilities, the responsibilities of the Human Resources department, and how a superintendent works with them to build a strong team. The course covers recruiting and onboarding techniques, as well as strategies for evaluating, retaining, and transitioning employees. The last section gives an overview of key laws that affect the way superintendents work with employees.

Change Management: Minimizing the Impact of Change

In the Change Management: Minimizing the Impact of Change course, you’ll learn to define project scope, identify, and assess the impact of changes, and assign responsibility for changes. You’ll learn how to lead a team prepared to recognize change, follow the proper change control documentation process, and carry out an effective change management system.

Risk Management and Claims Prevention: Protecting Your Business

The Risk Management and Claims Prevention: Protecting Your Business course covers how to develop a comprehensive risk management plan. Superintendents will leave this course understanding how to identify, mitigate, and manage risk with confidence. You’ll also learn how to prevent claims and your role in defending a claim, when necessary.

Legal Concepts and Regulations: Understanding Construction Law

The Legal Concepts and Regulations: Understanding Construction Law course delves into the basics of contract law and how it plays into day-to-day work on a construction site. The course makes sense of essential legal terms and conditions that will make understanding a contract easier. It covers claims and how to manage them as a superintendent, from documentation to contractual notice, all the way through dispute resolution. The last section covers key laws and regulations.

Constructability: Integrating Construction Knowledge into Design

In the Constructability: Integrating Construction Knowledge into Design course, you’ll learn what constructability is and why it matters. You’ll learn about the key considerations to incorporate in your constructability analysis and how constructability fits into all phases of a project. You’ll also learn about constructability reviews. Finally, you’ll explore case studies illustrating constructability in practice.

Site Logistics: Coordinating Project Resource Flow

In the Site Logistics: Coordinating Project Resource Flow course, you’ll learn about the key elements of a site logistics plan, just-in-time delivery, and how to develop a site logistics plan. You’ll also learn about the connection between the site logistics plan and project goals, including safety, quality, production, and schedule.

Project Closeout: Finishing Strong

In the Project Closeout: Finishing Strong course, you’ll learn why closeout is so important and why you must begin planning and organizing for closeout early in the project. You’ll be prepared to make a smooth handoff to the owner by ensuring that you and your team deliver a facility that meets all requirements and that you deliver all other contractual obligations, including all documentation.

Safety and Health: Protecting People

The Safety and Health: Protecting People course covers key concepts related to your role in safety as superintendent. You’ll learn about topics such as leadership in safety, the cost of incidents and injuries, OSHA inspections, safety best practices, hazard recognition and remediation, safety education and training, and incident and emergency preparedness.

More Information

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